why methylated vitamins for toddlers

Why Methylated Vitamins for Toddlers?

Why is Methylation Important?

What is methylation and why does your baby need it?  It turns out that all of us need it.  Methylation is actually a process in the body that changes methyl groups into other chemical compounds.  These other compounds are critical to conduct most of the body’s functions.  Methylated vitamins are activated vitamins that are easier to absorb and convert to the compounds the body needs.

Inability to Fully Absorb B Vitamins

If your child is born with MTHFR (methylenetetrahydrofolate reductase), methylated vitamins might seem like a miracle. But does any other toddler benefit from 5-methylfolate?  You may be surprised to learn that 30% of the world’s population has the MTHFR genetic mutation.  This inhibits their body’s ability to convert vitamin B12 and folate into methyl cobalamin and methyl folate, compounds the body can use.  This methyl group helps the body make glutathione.  The body uses glutathione to detox, preventing unhealthy DNA from acting up.  For instance, if you have a family history of cancer, diabetes or heart disease, your body needs to detox.  If your body use glutathione to detox your body, you are more likely to develop those diseases. 

Using Plain Language

I really hate using words I can barely pronounce, so here it is in normal terms.  Almost a third of the population cannot methylate B12 and folate properly.  That makes us vulnerable to serious disease.  The body can absorb methylated vitamins at a greater and faster rate than non-methylated vitamins.  That is why Sammy’s Milk developed a formula using 5-methylfolate instead of other folate options.

Folate vs Folic Acid

Folate is an essential nutrient.  It is used in development of healthy cell division, tissue growth and brain.  5-Methylfolate in Sammy’s Milk ensures babies are able to utilize this nutrient during their rapid growth and development stage.

Folic acid is a synthetic form of folate.  It does not occur in nature and is only in foods fortified with it.  5-Methylfolate closely resembles the folate in breast milk which a recent study found to be safe for infant and toddler formula use.

Methylated Vitamins News is Spreading

It seems that for a long time, we have known methylated vitamins are preferrable for their easy absorption.  This is not just for those with the MTHFR mutation.  Everyone can benefit from the active state of methylated vitamins.  But for babies who are developing at an amazing rate, methyl folate is even more critical.

Our Formula Always Had Methylated Vitamins

For years, Sammy’s Milk formula has included ingredients like methylated B-vitamins for easier absorption by your baby.  When Sammy’s Mom began looking into goat milk as a formula option to help her own baby, she also realized that methyl folate and other methylated B-vitamins are closer to the nutrients in breast milk, and would be better for her child than non-methylated vitamins.  As the rest of retail realizes how important it is for our children, and ourselves, methylated vitamins become increasingly popular.  That’s fine.  At Sammy’s Milk, we have understood their importance for a long time.  If you have questions, Ask Sammy here or message us on our Facebook page. 

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