color formula should be

What Color Should Formula Be?…and other pressing questions parents face.

What Color Should Formula Be?

Color Formula should be…and other pressing questions

Why don’t parenting sites cover the answers to middle of the night questions, like, “What color should my child’s formula be?” If your child is feeding on Sammy’s Milk, tan or brown is the right answer. At Sammy’s milk our mix is a blend of natural ingredients. That means parents can feel good about seeing formula that is a light brown or buff color. Yes, there is still white creamy goat milk in it, but there is also avocado oil, fish oil, molasses and methylated vitamins, all of which contribute not just to the nutrition, but also to the color. So what color should my child’s formula be? We think buff is a great natural formula color to be.

What Temperature Should The Formula Be?

Experts will argue over this FOREVER! Some say if breast milk is 98.6 degrees, formula should be too. Others say formula does not need to be warmed before feeding. Here are some quick tips experts can agree on:

  • The bottles need to be cleaned and sanitized between uses. Also, don’t forget to wash your hands with soap and water before preparing a bottle.
  • Formula itself does not have to be heated, but some people prefer to do that. Use a thermometer to make sure it is not too hot! 98.6 degrees is a safe temperature for your child.
  • If you are using a formula mix, make sure you use water from a safe source. You can check with your local health department to find out how safe tap water in your area is for babies.
  • Store the formula according to the directions on the packaging. Once mixed, keep the container in a cool dry place closed tightly.

How Long is Formula Good Once Prepared?

If you do not use the prepared formula within two hours of preparation, immediately store the bottle in the fridge and use within 24 hours. One used, the CDC recommends you dispose of left over formula for safety of your little one.

Can We Switch Our Child’s Type of Formula?

Yes. Some parents switch the child gradually, adding a little more of the new formula to the old each feeding, but others switch all at once. The best advice we’ve seen, is watch your baby closely for the first week of using a new formula. Look for signs of constipation, gassiness, allergy or general upset.

Can I mix Breastmilk and Formula?

Yes you can but don’t. If you can give your baby breastmilk, do that first, then give your child formula if the available breastmilk wasn’t sufficient. That way you know how much nutrition your child consumed from either. If you have to mix them, prepare the formula separately and then add to the breastmilk, so you know the concentration is right.

Can I Make my Own Baby Formula?

Hmm, this is a tough question to answer because people can do lots of things, but getting the blend right is a lot harder than it looks on YouTube. Getting it wrong is dangerous for your child. At Sammy’s Milk every batch of our formula is tested for nutrition and safety.

Why We Are so Passionate About Our Formula

When Sammy’s Milk was developed, it took a lot of work and mixing to get the right blend of premium ingredients. It is pediatrician approved, and we work hard to keep it healthy, natural and affordable. We know the goat milk we use is easier for little tykes, (and grownups) to digest. We also use avocado oil, wild caught fish oil, GOS and Inulin FOS Prebiotics, methylated vitamins and minerals, all of which are designed to form a comprehensive nutritional powerhouse formula. We are transparent about our ingredients and invite you to look them over.

What We Do NOT Add To Our Formula

We don’t and never have used any genetically modified ingredients in our milk. To be absolutely certain, we test our milk every day to ensure that it is free of any GMOs or additives.

We are thrilled to regularly hear from parents about all the positive changes they begin to see in their child on our formula. No two children are alike, but when we make that kind of difference for a family, it makes our day.

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