why goat milk formula is getting noticed

The Reason Goat Milk Formula is Getting Noticed

Lactose malabsorption affects 68 percent of the world. More people with lactose sensitivity also choose goat milk formula for their children. You may be surprised by the number of populations by country who suffer the intolerance. For instance, Vietnam and South Korean populations report a nearly 100 percent lactose intolerance rate, while Columbia shows 80 percent.  According to the National Institutes of Health, the United States has discovered specific groups most likely to suffer from lactose malabsorption. Since the intolerance tends to run in families, those parents are choosing goat milk formula for their children’s food source too. It’s one of the main reasons goat milk formula is getting noticed around the world.

why goat milk formula is getting noticed

Goat Milk Makes a Good Formula Choice

There are other reasons goat milk may be a preferable formula component. When goat milk is dried, it has a long shelf life than liquid milk and it doesn’t require refrigeration. Yet, goat milk powder keeps all of its nutritional advantages from its original state. It still has a stronger resemblance to breast milk, which is one of the major reasons goat milk makes a great ingredient for healthy formula.

Less Lactose Than Cow’s Milk

Not only is goat’s milk similar in protein levels to breast milk, but it is also lower in lactose than cow’s milk. Lactose is the main type of carbohydrate in mammal’s milk, and one that seems to trigger reactions in people.  Goat milk still has some lactose, but it’s easier to digest because the fat molecules in goat’s milk are smaller than those in cow’s milk. The special fat globules in goat milk formula allow 94 percent faster absorption making it ideal for sensitive little tummies.

A Different Kind of Casein Than Cow’s Milk

Another chemical to consider is A2 casein. It occurs naturally in both human breast milk and in goat milk and is easily absorbed by babies. Goat milk naturally has 89 percent less A1 β-casein protein content than cow milk. And as the  National Library of Medicine published study put it so scientifically: “the goat A2 β-casein fraction may be useful as a food material with good digestibility and hypoallergenic properties for infants, the elderly, and people with metabolic disorders.

Goat Milk’s Oligosaccharides Boost Immune System and Gut Health

Goat milk has more oligosaccharides, which are carbohydrates found in most human breast milk. An Australian study found five of the fourteen oligosaccharides in goat milk are in human breast milk. The two most prominent oligosaccharides in human milk were also the two most prominent in goat milk. One of those two, fucosylated oligosaccharide, or 2’FL is important to healthy gut bacteria and immunity.

Goat Milk Formula is a Better Alternative

Most babies produce plenty of lactase, the enzyme that breaks down lactose.  That’s because babies are meant to thrive on their mothers milk. Once the child is weaned that enzyme production drops radically. But when your child is sensitive to cow milk based formulas, you know you need to find a better choice. As Millers Bio Farm put it: “in a study of infants allergic to cow milk, 93% of them could tolerate goat milk.”  That’s just one more reason we’re proud of our product here at Sammy’s Milk. 

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