Sammy's Milk Samples aren't from purchase of a pregnancy test

Sammy’s Milk Samples Are Available – Just Order Them

Sammy’s Milk samples are available again for parents considering our product, but you have to order them to get them. Earlier this summer, I saw a post on Twitter from a woman who bought a pregnancy test at Walgreens.  The woman’s doctor had directed her to buy and use the test, despite having no fallopian tubes.  Regardless of the test’s medical purpose, within a week of its purchase she received a package of Enfamil formula. There was other product in the package too, but it was an uncomfortable moment for the recipient.

How Far Should Marketers Go?

Sammy's Milk Samples not connected to drug store purchases.
Sammy’s Milk Sample’s aren’t connected to a drug store pregnancy test purchase.

The Tweeter’s concern was that her privacy had been invaded way beyond simple coupons.  Actual undesired product showed up at her door. Imagine being unable to get pregnant and receiving a package of baby goodies. The poster donated the products to a local group, but it brought up a valid point for us to share. 

Sammy’s Milk Doesn’t Buy Lists from Drug Store Chains

Sammy’s Milk is not affiliated with any drug store chain, or hospital or other similar organizations.  You won’t suddenly get a box of Sammy’s Milk Samples because your shopping preferences data was shared.  We don’t buy or sell customer lists.  We love our customers and appreciate the chance to make a healthy difference for their child or children. 

Sammy’s Milk Samples Are In Stock Ready to Order

However, if you would like samples of Sammy’s Milk, they are available again. For just the cost of shipping, you can get 3 single serving Stick Paks and try Sammy’s Milk at no other cost. We debated about whether we should bring them back, but demand has been as strong for the samples as for Single Serving Stick Paks. We think you’ll be back to buy the bigger Sammy Sacks because of the quality of Sammy’s Milk formula. Or maybe, you want more of the convenient Single Serving Stick Paks.  They are small enough to go with you on day trips or extended vacations. 

You have plenty to deal with as parents today.  We’re working hard on this side to make sure access to healthy formula for your child isn’t one of them. 

Still Your Choice for Clean Nutrition

Our formula is still the clean nutrition you rely on with ingredients are still sourced from better sources.  Those include free-range goats for milk powder and sustainably wild caught fish for their Omega rich oil. We add NGO (non-genetically modified organism) avocado powder, and methylated vitamins for easier absorption. Molasses is not just mixed in for flavor, but for its rich iron, potassium, and calcium content. 

We’re proud of the work we do to keep Sammy’s Milk formula healthy, but we won’t team up with a drug store chain to compromise your privacy.  We think you’ll want to try it anyway, and we’ll be glad to send a package of 3 single serving Stick Paks for just the cost of shipping.

How to Get your 3 single-serving Sammy’s Milk Samples (Stick Paks)

To get Sammy’s Milk Samples, just click here or check out all the Sammy’s Milk ordering options in our shop

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