Sammy's Milk News Nibblets

Sammy’s Milk News Nibblets

Well, things are finally quieter after the holidays, sort of. Moms and Dads may get a little down time. Parents and caregivers are still finding the clean nutrition their child needs in delicious Sammy’s Milk.  We continue to ship out orders regularly, but there is some news to share regarding shipment confirmation emails.

Sammy’s Milk Email News Update

Our IT Team for Sammy’s Milk has been tightening up our website security as a preventative measure and part of our 2023 security goals. During the process, our order confirmation and tracking emails locked up, whether related to those changes or not. Now our team has resolved the situation and released the emails without lowering the new security standards. We have been getting your orders, and shipping them out. Now you should be getting order confirmation of that, and we thank you for bearing with us during the site improvements.

Sammy's Milk News Nibblets
Sammy’s Milk News Nibblets

News on Shipping Turn Times

Sammy’s Milk uses USPS to deliver its product. Most shipments are delivered on time. However, our shipments originate in Utah and it’s winter storm season there. When weather doesn’t permit the trucks to leave on schedule, it will impact delivery. Generally, USPS has become our go-to shipper because their delivery schedules are consistent and reasonably priced. Acts of nature will affect any shipment, depending on when a serious storm hits and how long it takes to open up the roadways.

Some of our customers have bypassed order communications all together.  They saved substantially on shipping by using our new subscription pack of seven pouches.

Subscription service Option

Sammy’s Milk has a new subscription option based on what many parents use each month. By choosing the 7 pouch subscription option, the shipping is on us, and you don’t have to sweat whether you remembered to place your order or not. It’s automatic. Once you choose the subscription option, we’ll process your re-orders every 4 weeks. You get restocked without stopping to remember whether you ordered the next batch. Stop losing more sleep over whether you ordered more formula. We’ve got this.

The new subscription service is designed to make life a little easier for our customers. We know parents get sleep deprived.  We’re trying to keep your munchkin supplied with the healthy nutritious formula they love in as convenient a manner as we can develop.

We Have the Formula you Need

We work to make sure you have the healthy, clean nutrition that your child wants, and that you want them to have.  Our formula is chock full of better ingredients that deliver the nutrients essential to your child’s growth and development.  Check out our ingredients here, and see why so many moms and dads are turning to Sammy’s Milk for clean nutrition.

At Sammy’s Milk, we know you need the formula as soon as you order it.  Unfortunately, when the weather shuts down roads and airports, delays are unavoidable.  If you are not already on the subscript plan, please consider it.  If that is not the right option for you, please allow a little extra delivery time until spring is here, regardless of what the groundhog, Punxsutawney Phil, tells us this week.

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