Why We Think Goat Milk Is Special

More of Why We Think Goat Milk Is Special

Demand for Goat Milk is High

We think goat milk is special.  That’s one of the reasons it’s part of the Sammy’s Milk formula ingredients. When our formula was being developed, the goal was to figure out how to get nutrition into Sammy.  Developer Erin Hendricks looked at goat milk’s characteristics closely.  Goat milk is easier to digest, has less risk of allergic reaction and contributes to better heart health. It is also naturally homogenized, meaning goat milk doesn’t separate like fresh cow milk does prior to the homogenization process.  

Why We Think Goat Milk is Special

So why aren’t more people – adults and babies – consuming goat milk? It turns out they are.  In many other countries, people prefer goat milk over cow milk.  In fact, over 65% of all dairy products consumed world-wide is goat milk.  It is thicker and creamier than cow milk or plant milk. But the main reason we think goat milk is special are the amazing benefits it offers.

Benefits of Goat Milk vs. Cow Milk

You’re on our site, so you probably already know goat milk causes fewer adverse reactions in lactose intolerant children.  Goat milk not only has less lactose, but the molecules in it are easier to digest.  We’ve mentioned this in previous articles, and it’s one of several more reasons to believe goat milk is special.

Goat Milk is a Source of Vitamin A

Goat milk is an excellent source of Vitamin A.  It may be commonly known that vitamin A is good for your eyes, but it also fights off certain forms of cancer and possibly measles. Goat milk is also a great source of protein, calcium potassium, phosphorus and magnesium, all essential to healthy development.

Goat Milk Supports Good Heart Health

What we think might surprise you is that even without lower fat levels, goat milk is better for your heart.  Goat milk’s fat reduces total cholesterol levels.  With less cholesterol in the arteries and gallbladder, people can control their cholesterol levels more easily.

Goat Milk Improves Iron Absorption

Goat milk also enhances the bodies absorption of iron.  This characteristic helps with the regeneration of hemoglobin (red blood cells).  A study by the university of Granada, revealed regular consumption of goat milk improved anemic conditions in the study participants. That is because this type of milk minimized the calcium and iron interactions, keeping those nutrients available for absorption.  Goat mil was also found to protect DNA stability for those taking larger iron supplements to treat anemia.

Goat Milk is Special for Baby Formula

Goat milk has more casein protein and oligosaccharides than cow milk has.  This composition makes goat milk more similar to human milk than cow milk is. Oligosaccharides function as prebiotics, immune modulators and pathogen inhibitors.  Though today’s infant formulas include prebiotics, they lack the functions human milk oligosaccharides have. 

Milk from cows and sheep have lower levels of oligosaccharide with less diversity than in goat milk, so they function differently than human milk does.  To sum that up in English. Studies show the functions of oligosaccharides in goat milk, like immune support, and prebiotics, are more closely related to those of human milk.  The benefits we covered and several in prior articles make goat milk the right ingredient for healthy formula. It also makes goat milk a great, healthy choice for life.

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