handling holiday stress with toddlers

Managing Holiday Stress In Your Family

It is amazing how fast the holidays arrived, and how much there is to do. Regardless of how challenging the holidays can be for parents, it can be surprisingly stressful for children too. All those schedules and routines you spent time and effort to develop, can be derailed by all the extra obligations at this time of year. FRIENDS National Resource Center offers support to parents by engaging with community organizations throughout the country. Don’t forget parents, use both blood relations and friends as sources of support to protect your children and their wellness during holiday stress.

Handling Holiday Stress for the Family

Resources to Help Deal with Holiday Stress

If the holiday stress is off the charts there are other community organizations, Child Welfare lists as resources. One of these organizations is called Legacy for Children. Legacy for Children is a group intervention for mothers and children to learn and grow.

“We usually think of the Holidays as a time of joy and celebration, gifts under the tree and visiting family and friends,” one community agency said in a media release. “But it can also be a stressful time for both parents and children, and that has an impact on mental health.

Parents are Still The Best Line of Defense

Regardless of holiday stress resources, parents are still the strongest protection toddlers have for mental health per the CDC. Parents are the main source of nurturing and support. Parents teach healthy habits and offer safety and support. It’s the parents who usually ensure their child receives the healthcare they need. If you’re handling the extra obligations, there are ways you can help your child adjust to all the changes during the holidays.

Ways to Help Your Toddler (and you) Cope with Holiday Stress

Babies pick up on their parents’ stress so remember to decompress yourself first, and hang on to your sense of humor. You can prevent insane tension escalation in the home.

Follow the Normal Routine as Closely as Possible

Stick to your child’s normal routine as much as possible. This includes their Sammy’s Milk feedings, potty time, bath time and bedtime. protect your child’s routine by putting daily tasks on your social calendar. Most of us don’t like unexpected change, so it should surprise us that keeping the routine is so comforting to toddlers.

Talk to your Child About Holiday Stress Feelings

In spite of your efforts, disruptions in routine will happen and toddlers may be unsettled. Explain to your toddler what is likely to happen and how they can help prepare for the holidays. Keep a few of the familiar toys and books handy when traveling – just don’t leave them behind. Quiet time with your child before bed is another way to settle them and make sure they feel safe.

Having a talk about mental health with your child might feel weird. So when your child is calm and feels good, Open the discussion. By talking about how they feel in a general way. If you can identify the root of the anxiety, you can guide your child in managing it.

Just taking the time to talk about holiday stress triggers can help restore calm. As always it’s also important to keep nutrition consistent is important too. Sammy’s Milk was made to take that stress off your shoulders, with a balanced nutritional blend of free range goat milk, avocado, molasses and more.

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