Is there Still a Baby Formula Shortage?

Is There Still a Baby Formula Shortage?

After months of countermeasures, parents across the country, are left wondering “Is there still a baby food shortage?” All the actions the government has taken have not been able to cure it. The full blown baby formula shortage erupted after the pandemic lockdown and the subsequent great resignation triggered supply chain issues. The shutdown of the biggest infant formula maker, Abbott, after multiple product recalls only made the shortage more acute. A desperate government then directed Abbott to restart the production line immediately with new production guidelines but the shortage was already in full bloom.

Federal Steps to Correct the Baby Formula Shortage

is-there-still -a-baby-formula-shortage
Is there Still a Baby Formula Shortage?

The government has taken steps to end that shortage but they are running into problems everywhere. Known as operation fly formula, the US government helped to import 6 million pounds of infant formula equal to 90 million 8 oz bottles. Since then, the FDA continued to encourage the importation of safe infant and other formula. Still the baby formula shortage grew more obvious, as grocery store shelves emptied of various brands of baby formula.

The Shortage Continues

By July, grocery store shelves were empty and even Sammy’s Milk was fighting supply chain issues while stepping up to fill concerned parents’ orders. Frantic parents across the country are still stockpiling formula, but the FDA is trying to improve the situation. In a recent press release the FDA explained how they are trying to control the baby formula shortage. The FDA is working with major infant formula producers servicing the US market to increase production.

More Ways the Government is Trying to Curb the Shortage

They are hoping actions taken under the Defense Production Act will make sure ingredients are available to sustain production. Importation of approved infant formula to fill US store shelves is now legal in the US. Abbott Nutrition has a consent decree to resume baby formula production. And the FDA is supplying information and instructions for imported infant formula.

The Sammy’s Milk Difference

Sammy’s Milk has its own approach to ensure we don’t run low of baby formula supply. Our suppliers are smaller, quality producers of powdered goat milk, avocado oil, and fish oil, the main ingredients in our formula. At Sammy’s Milk, it is not just the ingredients, but how they are cultivated and harvested. We are careful about the sources, care and types of ingredients. We don’t demand rush delivery of those ingredients because the steps to prepare them for mixing must be completed precisely.

How Sammy’s Milk is Working to Avoid Ingredient Delivery Delays.

Instead, Sammy’s Milk is using technical applications to closely follow order patterns and make predictive decisions. This helps ensure we have the ingredients AND the packaging timely stocked for production to supply our customer demand.  We know a baby formula shortage is scary to parents. Sammy’s Milk is working to nourish healthy development of your child.

We know parents have a lot to deal with, even when shelves are full of formula.  We also get that the baby formula shortage has added incredible levels of stress across the country. Rest Assured, we work diligently to make sure Sammy’s Milk still is full of quality ingredients, processed to protect nutritional goodness.

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