Where Will You Take New Sammy’s Milk Singles?

Sammy’s Milk is offering a whole new world of convenience in a little single serving package.  No measuring and hauling before you head out.  You can just grab some packs of new Sammy’s Milk Singles and know wherever you go, you can give your child clean wholesome nutrition

Where would you take your baby if you could bring new Sammy’s Milk Singles with you?

Every trip with a baby has its challenges.  If you’ve been putting off a visit to the grandparents or the vacation you really need, maybe these fun stops will motivate you. 

Lots of Stops in San Diego, CA

Take new Sammy's Milk Singles to San Diego Zoo and Safari Park
San Diego Zoo and Safari Park

Would you go to San Diego CA?  Because of the incredible number of family friendly attractions, we’re listing the entire city as a great toddler friendly destination. San Diego has a new Children’s museum, nearby hiking in Torrey Pines Natural Reserve, the San Diego Zoo and Safari Park,  the Birch Aquarium, La Jolla Cove and Children’s Pool, and the beach. 

Torrey Pines Natural Reserve has easy to difficult trails so pick what makes sense for your group. At about a mile and a half long, Discovery Trail is great for all ages and is stroller and wheelchair friendly.  La Jolla cove is a small beach with sandstone rock walls surrounding it.

At the San Diego Zoo and Safari Park, grab the African Tram and see some giraffes.  Or maybe you prefer the affordable Birch Aquarium.  It isn’t overlong for young families and lets you get up close with moon jellies, sardines and lionfish.  If plants are your thing, check out the San Diego Botanical Garden.  On 37 acres, it holds themed gardens and the Seeds of Wonder Children’s Garden.


Take new Sammy's Milk Singles to LegoLand

These themed resorts are almost everywhere!  Locations are in Arizona · Atlanta, Bay Area, Boston, Chicago, Columbus, Dallas/Fort Worth, Kansas City, Michigan, New Jersey (American Dream), Philadelphia, San Antonio, Toronto and Westchester

Amazing Lego themed resorts feature bright colors and whole family entertainment. Get details on your nearest Legoland offerings to make your plans.  Some even offer pint sized cars to drive around the streets.  The interactives are kid friendly and parents amusing.  Each Legoland discovery park is different, so follow the link and plan ahead to the one nearest you.

Big Splash Adventure Hotel and Indoor Water Park

Big Splash Water Park in French Lick, IN
Image Source: Big Splash Water Park

Yes, you read it correctly.  French Lick Indiana is in the state’s southeast corner near Cincinnati.  It is home to the Big Splash Adventure Hotel and Indoor Water Park Family Fun.  This water park has been dubbed as the greenest large water park project to date!  Because it’s enclosed in a glass structure,  you can enjoy year round fun.  There is Lodging, dining, shopping on site, with plenty of play opportunity too. Getting tired of splashing around?  Jump aboard the French lick scenic railway, explore caverns and hiking trails or check out the French Lick history museum.  Plan ahead.  If gaming is what your family loves, you might want to stay at the hotel.  Arcade tickets are limited for non-guests and must be bought online, not at the gate.

Beaches Anywhere, USA

new Sammy's Milk Singles to beaches Anywhere, USA
new Sammy’s Milk Singles to Beaches Anywhere, USA

Craving the beach but not the travel?  Since beaches are such popular destinations, many lakes, manmade or natural brought in sand to recreate the coastal experience.  Now you can enjoy great relaxing waterside beauty close to home, even in landlocked states.  Renting a cabin on the lake for a weekend getaway gives you meal control and a fun family trip.  You can even bring family dogs to many of these. 

Wherever you decide to go, new Sammy’s Milk Singles are easy to bring with you.  Just mix with bottled water for your little traveler’s clean nutrition on the go.

Resorts today often offer family friendly vacation experiences.  Sadly, they don’t always offer special  toddler attractions.  What they do have is water, sun and a relaxing setting where your child can toddle, crawl or run around outside.  If you just want a laid back get away, the key search term is family friendly resorts.  Add the words All-inclusive when you need to nail down a budget so you can focus on fun.

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