When goat milk formula is the solution

When Goat Milk Formula is the Solution

Some Moms never need toddler formula.  Instead they switch their children immediately to regular milk and other foods.  But some children can’t tolerate regular milk or soy milk.  In fact, the number of babies suffering from digestive problems is incredible. When young toddlers are intolerant to milk, goat milk formula could be the solution.

When Goat milk formula is the solution

Symptoms of a Milk Allergy

Symptoms of different children’s allergic reactions vary depending on the child and the amount of the allergen ingested.  Skin reactions offer immediate clues to a milk allergy if a child presents them.  They appear in a range from a red itchy rash and/or swelling of the lips, face and around the eyes.  Digestive problems also go with the reaction in the form of tummy ache, vomiting, colic, diarrhea or constipation.  Sometimes the reactions are joined by a runny or congested nose, or eczema that stays around even if treated.

Symptoms of Lactose Intolerance

Lactose intolerance digestive symptoms are similar to those of milk allergy.  Your child may have stomach pain, bloating, gas and diarrhea. Your child may also break out in a skin rash and frequent colds. Because the symptoms are so similar, parents often confuse them.  A milk allergy is an immune system reaction.  According to the Cleveland Clinic, true lactose intolerance is a digestive issue rarely seen in infants or toddlers.  

What to do When Your Child is Suffering

For either condition, ask your doctor whether goat’s milk formula will help.  Goat milk formula does contain far less lactose, than the amount found in cow milk formula.  Also, curds formed in the stomach from goat milk formula are smaller and softer than those from cow milk formula. The smaller softer curds are easier to digest, but there are other factors that make a difference in digestion too.  Things like casein composition, fat globule and protein to fat ratio all affect digestion. The bottom line is that Sammy’s Milk, formula made with goat milk, is a solution for milk intolerance in children.

When Sammy’s Milk Goat Milk Formula is the Solution

Some moms struggle to find a way to help their child to a healthier place.  One such customer tried Sammy’s Milk after dealing with several symptom.  She told us “within 24 hours of the baby being on Sammy’s, all of her issues went away.” She went on to say, “The vomiting, spitting up, can’t sleep, can’t lay flat, won’t poop, cries all the time – everything gone.”   

For some babies transitioning to toddler formula, and their worried parents, Sammy’s Milk is life changing.  The woman who texted us that message went on to tell us that baby gained 2 pounds in just days, began sleeping for 6 hours at a time and was back to normal.  “Even the pediatrician said she’s going to start telling everyone about you guys.”

You’re Our Inspiration

It was great news and it’s why we do what we do.  When Sammy was a baby, her parents faced the same fears and issues.  That’s because Sammy had similar issues when she was a baby.  Sammy’s Milk is the result of endless work and effort spent developing a natural formula that would help her thrive.  Today, Sammy’s Milk is available throughout the US and beyond.  We want children to do more than survive the toddler years.  We want them to thrive too. If you have questions on the nutrients and ingredients in Sammy’s Milk, please Ask Sammy here.

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