Valentine Fun With Toddlers

As I write this, Valentine’s day is only two weeks away! Though even babies need time outside, the weather doesn’t always make that workable. I started thinking about indoor fun with to share with babies and toddlers instead. Here are some fun activities I thought would kick off your valentine fun with toddlers and baby sweethearts. You might even have fun too.

Hide and Seek With an Empty Red Candy Box

Want an adorable photo opportunity? Empty that heart shaped box of chocolates. By that, I mean put them in another container, not eat the entire box. And put the heart shaped box in the play area. Maybe hide a toy inside. Babies love to explore, and the box, usually bright red, attracts their interest. We think your little one will love the hide and seek aspect as well as the brightly colored heart box.

Classic Heart Cookies

Making heart cookies
Classic Heart Cookies

Love making sugar cookies, and toddlers can help press the heart shaped cookie cutter with you. Decorate them together. You may get some, uh, unique designs but you will sure have fun. Recommendation here: Maybe you shouldn’t use red frosting. White and pink clean up with less stains. But red heart sprinkles are always a fun add on.

Playdough Hearts

If you’re not a sugar cookie fan, grab some playdough and roll it out like cookie dough. You can cut different shapes while you’re playing. Add hand prints, thumb prints and shapes to press into the dough before it dries.

Find the Matching Heart

Want some more valentine fun with toddlers? Cut some paper or felt pairs of hearts. Use different colors and sizes, but make sure there are two matching hearts in each. The game is to find the two that match in each size and color.

Make Valentines

You write the message and have your toddler use crayons to add the artwork. Or let your little Michelangelo work their art, and then cut the sheet into hearts. Do this for everyone in the family, including Grandparents.

Remember those paper doilies at the dollar store? Using water paints, have your toddler press a red or pink handprint on each. Then glue it on a larger paper or foam heart and share with loved ones. You might put the year on it and start a tradition.

Share a Cuddle With A Good Valentine Book

Cuddle with a valentine book
Sharing a Cuddle and a Book

Top off your valentine fun by cuddling together with  Sammy’s Milk for your valentine and a Valentine’s book to share. Some of our Fun Valentine book favorites are available on Amazon but are also read aloud books on YouTube. Where is Baby’s Valentine? Is an adorable fun “lift-the-flap” board book. We join “Baby” in a search for the Valentine Baby made for Mommy. The illustrations are wonderful, the story engaging, and the ending is hug inducing.  Another favorite is Eric Carle’ s Love from the Very Hungry Caterpillar. It has the same type of gorgeous illustrations we hope to see from Eric Carle. Also, the text is short and loving so your little sweetheart doesn’t get bored. Another wonderful Valentine’s book is Llama Llama I Love You. Is rhyming cadence in this story of valentines and love might just lull your child into a nap. As with other holidays, valentine fun with toddlers and babies makes the holiday more fun. We hope you enjoy it too.

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