New Package is protecting Formula Pricing and Environment

Update on Sammy’s Milk Formula Pricing and New Packaging

You have been responding to our new formula pricing and package changes. We want you to know we are listening to you. Some of you are frustrated over the recent price increase. Like everything else today, inflation is pushing the prices up on our ingredients. While our formula has the same healthy ingredients, today those ingredients cost more. We are working to hold costs as low as possible and have some good news to share. Those new Sammy’s Milk packages are saving more than our environment.

New Package is protecting Formula Pricing and Environment
New Pouches Protecting Formula Pricing and Environment

The Sammy’s Pouches, with twice the formula of their canister predecessors, save costs that would have pushed our new prices higher. Instead, we were able to keep the increase limited to 13 percent. When other milk products are suffering higher price increases, we worked to hold the costs down as much as possible. For us, the new Sammy’s Milk packages are helping us do that.

Why Goat Milk Caused Formula Pricing Increase

Milk prices are surging as demand rises and mergers abound. That meant Sammy’s Milk formula with goat milk had rising costs that forced us to raise our prices too. As with most products, the price of goat milk follows the increased demand.

Yahoo finance reports other formula pricing factors as well, some which are positive for Sammy’s Milk customers. It’s a good news – bad news kind of moment. One reason demand is higher is that people are realizing goat milk has higher nutritional benefits over other milk varieties.

Discovery of The Nutritional Value of Goat Milk

Several prebiotic and anti-inflammatory nutrients are contained in goat milk, such as amino acids, phosphorus, calcium, vitamin A, magnesium, and potassium. This nutritional pearl also has a high concentration of beneficial microbes that aid digestion and prevent constipation. Add in the elevated levels of calcium and vitamins and goat milk makes a nutritious food product.

Growing Demand for Smooth Goat Milk

Goat milk is one smooth ingredient. Owing to a lower percentage of 1-casein and smaller fat globules, goat-milk-derived products have a smoother texture. That gives them a higher water-holding capacity and lower viscosity. Also, new demands for goat-milk-based baby formula is propelled by the growing levels of education and awareness about child nutrition.

High Level of World-Wide Lactose Intolerance

Another reason for growing demand for goat milk is a high prevalence of lactose intolerance world-wide. Goat milk, with its different proteins is more easily digested by young developing and lactose intolerant digestive systems.

Mergers And Acquisitions in Goat Milk Industry

US goat milk popularity is catching up to the rest of the world. There is an increased demand for goat milk formula, but there are limited domestic producers. In a recent article published in MarketWatch, the Goat milk powder industry is reportedly booming and merging.

How this Affects Sammy’s Milk Formula Pricing

We’ve postponed raising prices on Sammy’s Milk. Goat Milk and other formual ingredients prices have been climbing for years, and we finally had to raise our prices too. We kept the price increase down at13 percent. The container cost reduction helped. In addition being more eco-friendly, the new Sammy’s Milk packages cost less than the canisters, but shipping became a new concern. We deliver Sammy’s Milk to your door quickly after receiving the order to eliminate shopping hassles.

Improved Shipping per Package

Sammy’s Milk normally ships orders a day after receiving them unless there is an urgent situation. To be honest, we weren’t sure how the new packaging would work out in shipping. We calculated the pouch dimensions and the weight and checked the cost. When we actually shipped out the packages, we discovered we needed to make some changes to deliver formula to your door. What that means for you is new savings options. The first week of June 2022, we are revising quantities, shipping and formula pricing so bigger orders enjoy savings.

The new Sammy’s Milk packages still hold the same quality formula for your child. Its development meant everything to a mom who once faced the same nutritional challenge for her child that many of you face. We will try to hold the price down without sacrificing product quality to do that. The packages are new, but the formula is still the clean nutrition you can rely on.

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