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No doubt breast milk is the best option for babies, but sometimes mothers are unable to breastfeed at all due to various reasons. Switching to formula milk is the safest and the best option for infants and toddlers. Unfortunately, not every baby can tolerate every type of formula.

With so many variants of formulas available in the market, it gets difficult to find information on brands.  Parents struggle to find natural brands that are best for baby.   Meanwhile it must be a brand that provides proper nutrition while it fills their baby’s hungry tummy.

A massive number of infants suffer from digestive problems. They can’t tolerate cow milk formula or breast milk, leading to unhappy babies and stressed out parents looking for long term solutions.  If you are someone or know someone whose baby has breast milk and cow milk formula intolerance, you’ve probably heard of goat milk formula that is a such a blessing in these circumstances.

Cow milk has traditionally been the main ingredient for formula milk, however as we are researching and learning the importance of balanced gut bacteria from the birth of the child, lots of parents are gravitating towards Sammy’s Milk formula as another healthy option. Sammy’s Milk formulas are goat milk based, are totally safe for the baby and are included in official year-old infant feeding criteria. Sammy’s Milk formula has become extremely popular.  It is incredibly wonderful when it comes to intolerance and allergies. If we look back in the past, goat milk formula has always been a well liked alternative for mommies who could not give breast milk to their babies.

But what is so good about goat milk formula and why is it good for kids with sensitive tummies? Let’s have a look at the benefits

Is Sammy’s Milk healthier than cow milk? What are the benefits of goat milk baby formula?

Sammy’s Milk formula for one year-olds and toddlers is based on goat milk.  Why?  Goat milk is most definitely healthier for many babies. Goat milk has higher levels of several minerals and vitamins though cow milk is higher in vitamin b12 and folic acid. The proteins and fats present in goat milk digest more easily and faster than those found in cow milk. More importantly, the primary casein protein in goat milk is similar to what’s found in human milk.

When it comes to formula, these differences don’t matter much. All formulas have nutrients added to make up for whatever the milk they’re based on might be lacking, and to make the formula mimic human milk as closely as possible. Sammy’s Milk formula with avocado is wonderful for a growing kid because avocados contain an assortment of vitamins and minerals including vitamin C, E ,B and K, zinc and magnesium

Studies also suggest that the vitamins and minerals present in goat milk are more easily absorbed by one-year-olds and  toddlers than those present in cow milk.  On the whole, goat milk is closer to human milk.  That makes Sammy’s Milk  formula the perfect choice for year-old infants and toddlers

Sammy’s Milk formula with added benefits of avocado is a healthy option for your babies, packed with nutrients that are essential for your one-year-old infant and toddler’s growth.