You’re indoors and your kids are driving you crazy, but you aren’t ready to let them watch YouTube all day.  Here’s a few suggestions to help you keep them engaged and learning through play while you stay sane.

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Toddlers 12 months onwards have problem-solving skills, physical abilities and love language. They are eager to try different things to play with.  Having enough playtime strengthens concentration which is essential later in school.  Play teaches kids to learn norms and social interaction.

As a parent, you probably love to see your child learn new things while playing. How their minds come up with several ideas, and create new worlds is just incredible. It is also amazing to see how creative they get when they put their imagination to use.

Help your child discover the world of play and engage them in several activities with these ideas to support their development.

 Scavenger Hunt

This is an easy-peasy indoor activity your toddler will love. Hide a few toys in the house and ask your child to find them. Help and guide them by giving clues and ideas. You can even do this activity in a room with the lights off and use a flashlight to find objects for a fun activity. A wonderful idea to learn problem solving skills

Bubble Bath

Have a fun filled playtime in a tub full of bubbles and your child’s favorite stuffed animals. Get the bathtub ready and let them play using their imagination. Give them ideas like they’re on a boat searching for fishes. This type of playtime improves imagination and thinking


Sandbox play is a wonderful way to lay foundations of scientific learning, physical development, imaginative learning and self-confidence. Scooping pouring and digging teaches a child how to gain control. This activity helps with muscles and coordination building. Play alongside your toddler to teach them about sharing and teamwork.

Arts and Craft

Let your child’s imagination run wild with arts and craft activities. Give them paints and colors to experience their world in a sensory way and develop confidence. This play based activity teaches them self-expression and develops prewriting skills. This play time also gives you an opportunity to teach your baby colors and mixing techniques.

Play Dough

Play dough has a lot of potential when it comes to learning. It makes the fingers strong for a lifetime of writing. Play dough also teaches hand eye coordination, fine motor skills and creative thinking. Add some beads to the dough to make playtime more fun for your baby.

Jigsaw Puzzles And Blocks

Jigsaw puzzles and blocks are not only fun. They also lay the foundation of logical thinking, creative thinking, development skills and recognition of different colors, shapes and sizes.

Pretend Cooking

Shopping, pretend cooking and serving are great play ideas for your baby. They teach basic math concepts, sharing, problem solving skills and social interaction.  Want your baby to quickly finish his favorite bottle of Sammy’s Milk? Ask him to pretend cook it and then watch him gulp it down happily till the last drop.

It All Starts With Healthy Toddlers

Everything has to start with your baby’s health.  If your baby has a cow milk or soymilk formula intolerance, there is an answer.  Sammy’s Milk was created out of love for just such a baby.  Today Sammy is grown into a healthy and happy young girl because of her nutritious formula based on goat milk.   We encourage moms to always search for the healthiest formula for their babies.  Please let us know if we can answer your questions here at Sammy’s Milk.

Meanwhile, we hope you enjoy these fun parenting activities and tips for toddlers. Happy playing, babies!

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