The Significance of Forty

As numbers go, forty is a super star.  It’s the only number whose letters when spelled out appear in alphabetical order.  In biblical terms, Moses was on Mount Sinai for forty days, waiting for the ten commandments, but he spent forty years in the desert.  Noah dealt with rain for forty days and forty nights. In numerology, the significance of forty is that it is associated with fresh starts, change and new beginnings.   

How forty stands out in science and more…

Minus forty degrees, forty below is the only temperature in both Fahrenheit and Celsius that is the same. Perhaps much more relevant is the revelation that instead of the nine months gestation period, typical pregnancy actually lasts forty weeks. And after that hard work, parents crave naps also called forty winks. Speaking of work, the traditional full time work week in America is forty hours.

The significance of forty at Sammy’s Milk

At Sammy’s Milk, the significance of forty is in the servings per regular container.  That’s because in 2022, we changed our packaging to pouches that hold forty 4 ounce servings of healthy nutritious formula. As babies grow and develop, their nutritional needs change too. Instead of a four ounce serving every few hours, you may find yourself doubling the amount of formula you prepare.  The bigger the serving size you prepare, the more valuable the larger pouch of formula becomes to sleep deprived parents.  That’s because each pouch fills twice as many bottles as the old cannisters filled, and that means less re-ordering. It also means less remembering to re-order in time.

The significance of forty at Sammy's Milk
The significance of forty at Sammy’s Milk

Save on your forty

If you are going through the pouch every 4 or 5 days, you might want to think about the subscription option. Seven Sammy’s Milk pouches will take most of your munchkins through a month of feedings.  You won’t have to always remember to restock. We will automatically process your re-order each month. Each subscription receives a thirty five dollar discount on formula pouches PLUS we ship it free.  That’s another twenty dollars savings, totaling fifty-five dollars!  

Some of you prefer handling restocking on a weekly basis.  For that, our two pouch packages are pretty popular.  You still save about six percent on the dual pouches packaging, and have plenty of formula on hand to get through the week.

Figuring out how much you need

How much formula a child needs can vary. Your child’s appetite usually matches their nutritional needs for healthy development.  Talk to your pediatrician if you aren’t sure how much is normal for your child at their stage of development.


Sammy’s Milk was created by a mother with a baby who was sensitive to cow’s milk.  The goat milk based formula with methylated vitamins, fish oil, avocado and other healthy ingredients turned her around.  

Designed to fill needs using natural ingredients, Sammy’s Milk is pediatrician recommended.  We believe in our healthy nutritious goat milk based formula so much we put the ingredients on our site for all to see.  Now our regular size formula pouches hold a more convenient forty 4 ounce servings for your child, with all of the nutrition that brought you to Sammy’s Milk in the first place. 

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