the amazing development of a child's brain

The Amazing Development of a Child’s Brain

Development during the toddler years is so extensive and fast, it almost seems supernatural.  There are five main areas of development in which toddlers change dramatically over a short span of time. These areas are physical, cognitive, emotional and social, language and sensory, or motor skills. The most amazing growth shifts that happen during toddler years happen in the development of a child’s brain. What fuels them?

The Amazing Development of a Child's Brain
The Amazing Development of a Child’s Brain

Protecting Brain Development Before Birth

But there are many things that can affect the development of a child’s brain. That is why the CDC recommends starting with proper nutrition during pregnancy to protect children’s brain development early.  Besides the nutrition impact, a mother’s exposure to toxins or infections can affect development of a child’s brain in vitro.

Born to Learn

Once born, babies brain growth is overwhelmingly affected by their experiences.  Children are born ready to learn. It is part of survival. In order to become independent more quickly, they must quickly learn the right skills from their caregivers.

The environment a baby is born is one of the biggest factors in the development of a child’s brain. The nurturing care a child receives is critical for brain growth. When parents strive to ensure a safe environment, free of neglect and chronic or severe stress brains are free to develop.  When babies have opportunities to play and explore their brains develop at a much higher rate than children without this option.

Nutrition to Keep Development of a Child’s Brain on Track

Your baby’s growth in infancy and beyond continue to depend on the right care and nutrition.  According to the CDC, a child develops skills to participate in family meals between the first and second year. Meanwhile, if breastfeeding is not an option, check out Sammy’s Milk.

As with any formula, it is not just the ingredients, but how they are cultivated and harvested.  Sammy’s Milk is diligent about its ingredient choices, sources, the care in harvesting and delivery those ingredients. Our free range, minimally processed goat milk is richer in protein, vitamin A and Calcium than cow milk.  Vitamin A helps fight infections and anemia (condition where red blood cells do not supply enough oxygen to the body).

Fish oil is another important ingredient in Sammy’s Milk that helps improve the development of a child’s brain.  Our wild caught fish oil is sustainably sourced, and a great source of omega-3 fatty acids.  Other ingredients play important roles in the development of a child’s brain too.  Our Methylated Vitamins contain easy to digest B Vitamins essential to brain processes and development. Avocadoes supply folate as well as potassium. It is listed by Invidyo as one of the eight superfoods that boost brain development and intelligence. So check with your pediatrician about giving your child Sammy’s Milk formula for healthy brain development.

The Role Exercise and Activity Play In Brain Development

Active toddlers, like active adults are less vulnerable to disease and infection. As soon as children learn how, they naturally want to be on the move.  Neuroscientists are reporting that playing can change a brain’s chemistry, improving development of a child’s brain.  Even if you feel too tired to move, try to make playtime a reality for your toddler.  We can’t promise you’ll raise a genius, but you will be giving your child a head start.

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