Sammy’s Milk Packaging is Changing – Not a Formula Shortage

We’ve seen it on news stories across the country.  There is a baby formula shortage in the United States.  Experts have been warning us about supply chain issues for over a year, so some shortages were expected.  But I don’t think many of us expected a baby formula shortage. The good news is that Sammy’s Milk has formula in stock that we will be putting into our new package first thing next week. 

New Packaging is not a formual shortage
Sammy’s Milk New Packaging is not a Formula Shortage

Timing of Our New Packaging

A New Eco-Friendly Package is coming out earlier than planned due to order surge.

Sammy’s Milk is bringing a new environmentally friendly package to you that would have been introduced in June.  Unaware of a pending formula shortage in the US, we calculated supplies accordingly.  With the shortage upon us, we’re experiencing a surge in order quantities.  This surge is depleting our canister supply much faster than we estimated.

Some Order Balances Shipped Separately

As is our normal operating procedure, we ship out orders at once to make sure our customers have formula.  To ensure every customer got formula during the surge, we shipped part of the larger orders, with the balance to follow first thing next week.  Most of those order balances will be filled with the new product packaging. The good news for you is that we will cover the shipping costs on those backorders and they will be shipped by this time next week. 

The Formula is UNCHANGED

In the midst of a formula shortage, it is natural to wonder how you will get enough formula for your child.  For those of you worried that we ran out of formula, we have not. There is no difference in the formula you know and trust. Sammy’s Milk goat milk formula has the same healthy ingredients as before the formula shortage began.  We insist on using those ingredients to help your child thriveFOr. 

The Packaging Is New

What is changing is the Sammy’s Milk packaging.  The new Sammy’s Pouch will yield 160 fluid ounces prepared goat milk formula.  That’s equivalent to TWO of the current canisters.   The Pouch opening is LARGE, making preparation easier!!  (We’ve had requests for years for a bigger canister so Dad could put his hand in there and get to the bottom.)  Each Sammy’s Pouch will contain the usual scoop and the mixing instructions are the same.

You will get the same, trusted Sammy’s Milk goat milk formula you’ve been ordering.  But the new Sammy’s Pouches cut down on plastic and waste. We can ship the new Sammy’s Pouches in smaller boxes, with less packaging material.  This Pouch is an exciting improvement, evolving from  listening to feedback from our valued customers and Mother Nature.

Regarding Shipments

To those of you frustrated by partial shipping and short term backorders, we apologize for the inconvenience and concern it may have caused.  Our printers prioritized our new labels to supply them earlier than expected.  They’ve been running their machines as fast as possible, without compromising the safety of the new Sammy’s Milk goat milk formula Saks.

Shipping will Return to normal next week.  We will fill EVERY order as quickly as possible, using the last of the canisters and/or the new Saks. 

If you couldn’t order large the quantities that you wanted, we will have the new products on the website’s store early next week.

Check our Facebook / Instagram pages for updates.

Not a Formula Shortage Here

While the timing hasn’t made the transition as smooth as we would like, we want to assure you that we will have orders filled within a week.  We appreciate your cooperation in these unprecedented times, and will deliver everything as quickly as possible.

We appreciate your patience, as we speed-implement our new eco-friendly packaging rollout sooner than any of us expected!  #SammysPouches

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