Protecting Your Toddler's Health

Protecting Your Toddler’s Health

Toddlers Get Sick

Toddlers get sick. All of us do, but when it’s our child, we lose sleep worrying over just how serious their illness is.  There are lots of sources and opinions on when to take your toddler in for medical care.  Since your pediatrician is the best trained source familiar with your toddler’s health, the question is when to call them. But that question is soon followed by how to keep your toddler healthy.

Protecting Your Toddler's Health
Protecting Your Toddler’s Health

When to Call the Doctor

Most new parents have intuition when it comes to their own infant’s or toddler’s health.  That feeling coupled with familiarity with your child helps you figure out when you should call your pediatrician. Your relationship with your child is closer than anyone else’s.  That makes you more aware, even on a subconscious level of what is abnormal health. So any time you are worried over unusual symptoms, call your pediatrician at once. 

Regular Wellness Visits

Preventative doctor visits, also called well-child visits are important for your toddler. Besides growth and development charting, your child will get routine exams and screenings that prevent and treat health problems.  If you approve it, your toddler will also get recommended vaccines during these visits.  Regular visits to your healthcare provider keeps them familiar with your child’s health too.  So keep the visits going, but call if you are concerned about your toddler’s health.  Meanwhile, there are things to do to help your toddler’s health stay strong.

Physical Activity is an Essential Part of Your Toddler’s Health

Your toddler needs time to crawl, move and run around.  TV and iPads are entertaining, but toddlers need physical activity too.  A wave of inactivity, possibly related to electronic device use, is driving a childhood obesity crisis in the US. 

The good news is that toddlers naturally love to move. Until you teach them another choice, they will naturally choose activity over sitting still. So when your munchkin is crawling, or running while shrieking with laughter.  Congrats; enjoy the healthy.  You’re helping your toddler’s health develop.

Nutrition for Your Toddler’s Health

At Sammy’s Milk, we’re all about nutrition.  Our original goat milk based formula made the difference in Sammy’s health when she was a baby.  We believe our pediatrician approved formula with avocado in it will make the difference in your toddler’s wellness, too.  Early feeding practices are important, not just for growth, but also development of little minds and bodies.  Research shows balanced nutrition and physical activity combined in toddlers is linked to better brain function too.  Because it is so important, we keep our ingredients natural and list them on our ingredients page for your review.  Our pediatrician approved formula meets all federal requirements, and we exceed required testing for toddler formula. 

Avoiding Obesity Early

According to the CDC, childhood obesity has become a major crisis in the US.   Obesity in childhood increases the risk of liver disease, diabetes type II and high blood pressure later in life.  As the country becomes more aware of the challenge of obesity, statistics are emerging.  For instance, did  you realize that 1 in 7 children between 2 and 5 years old are already obese? 

Baby fat is usually healthy and normal for your little one.  But the Mayo Clinic warns: “While a large baby may not become an overweight child, a child who is obese often remains obese as an adult.”

By developing healthy feeding and activity at an earlier age, children develop better habits that continue as they grow.  Treating them to nutritious formulas with easy to digest goat milk and methylated vitamins delivers the nutrition they need.  Make sure your child gets the nutrition they need for balanced toddler’s health, development and growth with Sammy’s Milk.

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