Tips for Smoother Toddler Holiday Travel

More Toddler Holiday Travel Tips

Regardless of which holiday your family celebrates; we hope it’s bright and joyful.  If you are traveling, you may already be on your way to your destination, so we’re past discussing things to pack. But maybe you could use a few toddler holiday travel tips to keeping your munchkin happy on the long flight and/or drive.

1. Avoid Sugary Snacks During Toddler Holiday Travel

Sweet treats seem like a good way to bribe your munchkin into good behavior, but hold on. Think about the energy boost you get from sugar, followed by the crash. Imagine what that energy boost will do to a toddler in an enclosed space. And let’s not forget about how an energy crash translates into a toddler’s fussiness and irritability. It’s probably not a good idea to give sugary treats to your toddler while on a trip. Instead, when you are grabbing bribe supplies from a vending machine, look for fruit or crackers. And don’t forget to pick up disposable bibs from any stop you make along the way.  If you are already on a flight, ask the flight attendant for either a disposable bib or towel. It will save a little of your sanity to use later at the bag check.

2. Put Your Child’s Seatbelt on Right Away

Toddler Holiday Travel Tips
Smoother Toddler Holiday Travel

Before your child has the chance to drift off to sleep, get their seatbelt on immediately. That way, when the journey lulls your toddler to sleep, you won’t have to disturb them to put their seat belt on. Note: If you think you can just skip the belt on your sleeping cherub, think again. The crew will insist on putting on that belt before takeoff and landing, trust us on this.  Click the seatbelt in place early to avoid witnessing turning your sleeping angel into an irate wakeful devil.

3. Keep Pens and Pencils in Reach

Once your toddler wakes activity books and crayons are a great way to spend the time.  That is, until the crayon or pencil falls to the floor and rolls away.  We’ve all been there; scrambling on the floor for the crayon or pencil your child dropped.  In a moving vehicle it always seems to roll out of reach just before you can grab it.  The whole fall, roll retrieval loop is avoidable.  Tape a string to the crayon, pen or pencil being used. Tie the other end of the string to the seatbelt or armrest and you have a much easier pen retrieval system.  Just tug on the string to reclaim pen, pencil or crayon and the artistry continues.   

4. Have Sammy’s Milk Ready on Takeoff and Landing

The sucking motion on a bottle of Sammy’s Milk can help little ears on take-off and again when landing.  Sammy’s Milk now offers free shipping on their 10 and 20 pack, individual serving Stick-Paks. The individual packs make toddler holiday travel much smoother.  Mix a bottle with 1 packet and bottled water just before takeoff and landing to help your toddler’s ears pop.  Then use the stick-paks for easy single use anytime you are away from home base during your holiday.

5. Toddlers Need Headphones Too

You like using headphones to filter out exterior noise, but think about bringing headphones for your child.  That way surrounding passengers won’t lose it after listening to the Wiggles or Peppa Pig over and over again. It also may help your munchkin relax as it screens out some of the unfamiliar sounds around them.

6. Try to Enjoy the Ride and the Holidays

Know that many other passengers are more understanding than you think.  While no one enjoys hours of crying on a flight, most understand that it is beyond your control.  Beyond that sentiment, many passengers will help if they can.  Meanwhile, we’re wishing you great nearby passengers, a happy trip and bright and joyful holiday.  Remember, life can be good, if we just let it. 

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