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Is Switching your Baby Formula Brand to Sammy’s Milk Okay?

There are a variety of reasons to think about changing your baby’s formula. Your baby may be fussy, gassy, have eczema, or regularly suffer from constipation. Of course when your baby is suffering, you might wonder if the formula is the reason. Changing formula, regardless of how tempting is scary and parents wonder if switching between formula brands will harm baby.

Switching Your Baby Formula Brand is OK

It’s OK to Switch Your Baby Formula Brand

First, know that according to the CDC and Minnesota Department of Health, most babies can change to a new formula without problems. There may be minor symptoms including an increase in gas, burping or spitting up. There may be a slight change in stool color or firmness and your child may or may not like the new flavor. Every change listed is normal and temporary, as your child adjusts to the new brand.

When the new baby formula is Sammy’s Milk, you can relax, knowing it is clean nutrition made from natural ingredients and methylated vitamin supplements for easier digestion. Watch the difference as your baby absorbs the nutrition they need for healthy development. But even knowing it will be the right thing, still leaves concern over how to switch your baby formula brand without making your baby uncomfortable.

Recommendation on How to switch Your Baby Formula Brand

To make the change, parents can mix equal parts of the old and new baby formula for a few days. By the third day, you can begin using larger portions of the new baby formula. By the fifth day, your child should have adjusted to the new formula with limited or no extra gassiness.

Why Parents Consider Switching Baby Formula Brands

Because we are still in the grasp of a baby formula shortage, it may seem nonsensical to ask why anyone would consider switching baby formula brands. But lack of formula on store shelves is only one reason for switching your baby formula brand.  Another reason caregivers switch brands is sensitivity or allergy to the first formula.  This is one of the biggest reasons so many parents have turned to Sammy’s Milk goat milk based baby formula. 

Goat Milk baby formula has proteins that are easier to digest than the proteins in cow milk baby formula.  The vitamin supplements are methylated, which means they are easier to digest than traditional vitamins in formulas.  A baby’s digestive system is still developing.  It makes sense to use formula that’s easier on their gastrointestinal systems regardless of a cow milk allergy. If there is an allergy, switching to a new baby formula brand become more urgent.

Allergy Symptoms That Prompt Switching Your Baby Formula Brand If you are concerned about whether your baby has a formula allergy, it is critical that you know the signs. While small changes in stool consistency is normal when switching formula, severe diarrhea is not.  Call your pediatrician instantly for symptoms like diarrhea, abdominal cramping, blood in your child’s stool or vomit, or skin rashes. These symptoms indicate your child is allergic to the formula you are using

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