How to Safely Prepare Formula

How to Safely Prepare Formula

Are you measuring your baby’s formula accurately?  Do you use clean utensils?  Here are some simple measures to safely prepare formula, keeping your baby healthy.

Don’t Use Expired Formula

Examine the formula container for the expiration or use by date. Once that date has passed, the formula might still be okay, but it is not worth the risk. Don’t use outdated infant formula.

Use Quickly or Store Safely

Once you safely prepare formula, it can still spoil quickly if left out at room temperature. CDC recommendation is to use the formula within two hours of preparation, and within one hour from when you begin the feeding. You can prepare several bottles at a time, as long as you use the formula within 24 hours of preparation, tightly cap the bottles and store the bottles in a refrigerator.

Unopened formula should be stored in a cool dry, indoor place. Don’t store it outdoors, or in vehicles. Once a powdered Sammy’s Milk formula container is opened, store it in a cool, dry place with the lid on tight. Do not store the formula powder in the refridgerator. Its easier to keep track of the how long formula has been on hand by writing the open date on the top of the container. Use the formula within a month of opening.

Clean the Formula Preparation Area and Your Hands

Even clean Sammy’s Milk Formula can be contaminated when prepared in an unsanitary area. Make sure you clean the counter where you will be working. Then wash your hands thoroughly for at least 30 seconds, using soap and water.

Prepare Your Bottle

The bottles, nipples, caps and rings need to be sterilized before the first use, and after prepared formula has been left out in a bottle. The first time, this can be done by boiling the bottle parts in water for five minutes. If formula was left in the bottle, clean and rinse the bottle before boiling it. Make sure to wash your hands after contact with the corrupted formula.

Use Safe Water

Another consideration to safely prepare formula is using safe water. Whether you use Sammy’s Milk powdered formula or a liquid concentrate formula, use only clean tap or bottled water to prepare your child’s formula. If you have concerns about your water supply, talk to your doctor. If you use well water, boil it first. Well water may test fine for adults, but it is better to boil well water for your baby’s Sammy’s Milk formula. Measure the water after boiling, since you will lose some volume in the boiling process.

Measure Carefully

You may quickly feel you could measure formula in your sleep, but be sure of the amounts. Carefully measure both the amount of formula and the amount of water in your Sammy’s Milk formula preparation. Once you put the correct amount of powdered Sammy’s Milk formula for 1 serving into the bottle, add the correct amount of water. Shake the bottle until both formula and water are thoroughly mixed. Easy Peasy, right? 

To warm the formula, place the bottle in a bowl of warm water. In a few minutes, test the temp by dropping a little on your wrist. The formula should be warm, not hot. Microwave warming is not recommended, since some microwaves create hot spots that could burn your child’s mouth.

If you have questions regarding Sammy’s Milk formula preparation, Ask Sammy. We love to hear from you. If you have questions about our ingredients, we have them listed here.

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