holiday travel organization with a toddler in tow

Holiday Family Travel Organization

OMG, can you believe we are in the holiday season again? If the grands are already demanding grandbaby time, an efficient organizational convenience strategy is needed urgently.  Sammy’s Milk Stick Paks and the following tips can make holiday family travel organization smoother than ever.

holiday travel organization with a toddler in tow
Holiday Travel organization

Sammy’s Stick Paks’ premeasured formula saves time and room.

Sammy’s Milk Stick Paks make it easy to take extra single servings of formula with you on holiday family visits. Premeasured sealed single serving Stick Paks bring organization to formula preparation away from home. Take several Stick Paks with you. Your baby will get the healthy nutrition they count on and your parents and in-laws can enjoy some extra time with their “punkin”. 

Extra Ziplock plastic bags separate clean items from dirty, wet or disposable items

Wet or soiled burp cloths, bibs or nappies can go in plastic baggies.  Use one Ziplock bag for washable items and another for disposable items while you are traveling. Other items in the bag stay fresh and dry, and your vehicle will smell so much nicer. Nothing spoils holiday travel as quickly as the pervading, inescapable odor from an emergency diaper change in the car. 

Pack mostly easy care comfy outfits.

Yes, your little one should look adorable when everyone starts taking the pictures of baby and Gram, but we all know the baby’s going to look cute whether in a onesie or a dressy holiday outfit.  So go with the easy care option and fret less about wrinkles. That goes for you too.  Go with the dress or trousers that you can roll to pack and shower to steam out any wrinkles.  If you need to spend a day or more away from home, at least be able to wear comfortable clothing.  And not to turn you into a “matchy” person, but pack clothes that are interchangeable.  If everything you pack can be mixed and matched, you don’t have to worry as much about spills or spit up. (You’ll appreciate this tip most near the end of your visit when you’re getting low on clean clothes.) 

Use a checklist for packing.

There is nothing like a good checklist to bring organization to chaos.  Trying to remember everything that needs to go is works better ahead of time.  Use a notepad or text to yourself – whichever works –  but write it early.  Make your checklist now, with everything from clothing, feeding, routing baby needs, to gifts for everyone.  You can make this list yourself or go find the one online that works for you. There’s an adorable checklist on Etsy lists what baby and parents need for day trip or overnight stay. It can be edited depending on purpose of trip.

Keep electronic accessories in one handy spot.

It’s a good idea to get a back up of all the electronic power and accessories you need for your devices.  Store the backups in the same pocket of your baby bag so you don’t have to search for them.  The baby bag accessory organization method means you’ll always have them handy, regardless of whether you’re traveling near or far.  No one wants to deal with the fallout when the tablet or mobile phone battery dies.  It’s worse when you can’t play your toddler’s favorite and familiar lullaby

Besides, having all of the accessories in one location, makes them easier to inventory.  This will make prepping for the trip and checking out of a hotel or guest room smoother. 

Make communication part of you organization plan.

The biggest organization tip is plan communication to all affected parties.  Surprise visits don’t work when the whole family is along for the ride.  Book ahead and confirm reservations.  About a week ahead of the visit, make sure you remind forgetful family members your ETA for the holiday visit.  Even if you already discussed it, a 5 minute call to confirm dates and sleeping arrangements can avoid hours of drama this holiday season.

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