goat milk formula vs. soy milk formula

Goat Milk Formula vs. Soy Milk Formula

Regularly, customers ask us how we decided on goat milk formula instead of cow milk or soymilk formula. We’ve talked about why we feel goat milk formula is a valid choice when children have trouble digesting cow milk based formulas. Though the USDA regulates formulas, there can still be differences in whether cow milk, goat milk, or soy based formula is healthy for your child. There are several reasons Sammy’s Milk did not use a soy based formula.  But the best way to explain our decision is to share some of the comparative information.

goat milk formula vs. soy milk formula
Goat Milk Formula vs. Soy Milk Formula

First, Let’s Clarify What is Soy Milk

Soy milk, or soybean based formulas contain protein soy extracts. They are then supplemented with certain amino acids, fats, and vitamins and minerals to make them closer to breast milk. Though plant based, soy may be a complete protein.  The issues with its use in formula stems from other chemicals in soybeans.

Soymilk Formula is Safe, But Not Necessarily the Right Solution for Lactose Intolerance

Soymilk formula might seem like the perfect solution for babies with lactose intolerance, but there are offsetting issues.  The symptoms that many assume indicate a lactose intolerance, cholic, regurgitation and eczema might be an allergy or other issue.  Those symptoms could accompany difficulty in protein digestion needed for cow milk formula.  Since goat milk formula is easier for all ages to digest, it might be the better option. Additionally, many doctors are underwhelmed with the benefits of soymilk in developing babies. Parents and pediatricians both look at the formula when  

Studies on Soybean and Development Reveals Issues

Soybeans can be a good option for healthy adults, but some experts say it is not for developing babies. The National Institutes of Health reported “exposure to the isoflavones present in soy-based formula can cause subtle alterations in sex organ development (24–26), brain maturation (27) and immune system function (28), and can also stimulate cancer development (29).” What are isoflavones?  Isoflavones are fairly light estrogens that naturally occur in soybean products in a quantity sufficient to indicate changes to development.

Additionally, a Healthlines article voiced concern that there may also be some risk of a higher level of aluminum in the formula causing weaker bones and reduced renal function.

While soy milk is a popular option for many Americans, many pediatricians recommend breastmilk, cowmilk or goat milk formula unless there are health reasons for choosing soymilk formula.

Goat Milk Formula

Goat milk has high protein levels and contains minerals like sodium, potassium, calcium and phosphorus but needs a few more components to supply the nutrition your developing toddler needs. Goat milk formula has other ingredients to ensure sufficient level of folate for a child’s nutritional needs. Sammy’s Milk added Avocado to our mix, among other power nutrients, which contributes a significant amount of folate to our formula. Instead, goat milk is less likely to trigger allergic reactions than either cow milk or soybean formula.  And that along with the other information we learned early in the development of our formula convinced us we made the right choice in choosing goat milk for our formula.

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