goat milk formual - a healthy choice

Goat Milk Formula – A Healthy Choice

For those who can’t breast feed their child for whatever reason, goat milk formula is a healthy choice. Here’s why. Though breastfeeding is the best most natural choice, it isn’t always possible. In that situation, there are several formula choices available to choose from. Sammy’s Milk is made to deliver balanced, easy to digest nutrition, for babies’ immature digestive systems.

goat milk formula -  a healthy choice
Goat Milk Formula – A Healthy Choice

Fussy Babies

The number of babies who suffer from digestive problems is staggering. Many of those babies can’t tolerate cow milk based formula. This leads to unhappy fussy babies with stressed out parents. Goat milk formula by Sammy’s Milk offers a healthy, natural solution.

Goat Milk Formula Digestible Protein

The goat milk in formula, besides begin low in lactose, is more similar to human milk than cow milk. This is due to the different casein in  goat milk that is easier for babies to digest than that in Cow milk. Goat milk protein forms softer curds than cow milk. These curds digest faster and more easily with less regurgitation.  

Minerals in Goat Milk Formula vs Cow Milk Formula

Proteins and fats are important for babies, but their nutritional needs require more minerals and vitamins than is found in either cow or goat milk. That’s why Sammy’s Milk added other natural ingredients to create our goat milk formula. The differences between goat milk and cow milk are still worth noting.

Goat milk has 13% more calcium than cow milk, and has 25% more vitamin B-6 than cow milk. There is 47% more vitamin A in goat milk than cow milk and 134% more potassium than in cow milk. Stunningly,  goat milk has three times the niacin and four times the copper found in cow milk. Selenium is 27% higher in  goat milk than in cow milk.

There are, however, other vitamins that are more prevalent in Cow milk than goat milk. Vitamin B-12 is five times as high in cow milk as in  goat milk. Folic acid is ten times as high in cow milk as in  goat milk. To offset these lower amounts, Sammy’s Milk goat milk formula adds other natural ingredients that supply the right amounts of nutrients for your child.

Natural Ingredients for a Healthy Balance

Avocado Oil Adds Folates, B vitamins and More to Goat Milk Formula

Sammy’s milk adds other healthy ingredients like avocado oil. This wonder berry is chock full of antioxidants, oleic acid (mono-unsaturated fatty acid) & lutein (carotenoid found in our eye’s). Avocado oil also is full of Vitamin K, Folate, Vitamin C, Potassium, Vitamins B5, B6, E, A, B1, B2, B3 & Fiber.

Wild Caught Fish oil for Brain and More

Essential fatty acids from oily fish are necessary for development of the brain, eyes, immune system, heart, skin, cognition, nervous system and more. Babies absolutely need this fatty acid for optimal development.

MTHFR Vitamins

We continue to use methylated vitamins for our MTHFR families & bio-availability. Methylated vitamins are activated so they are ready for absorption by the body. This is called bio-available and it is an important feature for developing digestive systems.

What Isn’t in the Formula

We do not and NEVER will add soy, corn, synthetic iron, or any other allergen to our formula. We stay away from these ingredients to support better digestive health for your child. We stay committed to you and your family’s well-being.

Sammy’s Milk has always met Food and Drug Administration (FDA) standards in both nutrition and testing protocols. Please reach out with any questions or comments. We love hearing from you!! 

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