Helping Toddlers first experiences...

Getting a Healthy Start on Toddlers First Experiences

Sammy’s Milk works to help power many toddlers first experiences by supplying healthy nutrition in every bottle.

I love that September is the month of new beginnings. Though it is probably more related to a new school year or holidays like Rosh Hashanah, I think it is appropriate for toddlers too. There are several developmental milestones toddlers undergo in an amazingly short period of time.

Helping Toddlers first experiences...
Helping Toddlers first experiences…

First Step and Other Firsts

Even before they master balance, toddlers take that first step. Imagine the leap of faith it must require trying that first wobble on their own. In fact, toddlers first experiences are coming one after another at lightning speed. They are experiencing their first smile, first phrase, first wave bye-bye. This is also the first time they realize the baby in the mirror is them.

Powering Toddlers First Experiences with Clean Nutrition

In the midst of a host of firsts, toddlers help us see things in a new light too. We begin to see our environment from their point of view, when we crouch to their level and realize how big everything must be to them. Changes during the toddler phase are fast and furious. It’s one of the reasons it is so important to make sure they are powered with natural nutrients.

Sammy’s Milk uses natural ingredients, carefully processed and tested to ensure your child gets wholesome, non-GMO goodness, with goat milk, avocado oil, fish oil and ready to absorb methylated B vitamins. Your child is changing every day, learning an incredible amount of information. You can give them the Sammy’s Milk advantage to help their brain and body develop at a healthy pace.

Ways Parents Can Help Toddlers Grow

Feeding your toddler a healthy formula, is one way to give them a head start on developmental milestones. There are lots of other ways you can help your child develop too.

Read to Your Toddler Every Day.

Research shows that babies who are read to, are better at developing language skills, connection with you and do better when they do go to school. Early toddler books are full of engaging rhythmic verse and colorful pictures. Realize you are actually helping your toddler to learn a new language and you begin to see the importance of daily reading to your toddler. Choosing books that help guide children through things like going potty or helping mommy and/or daddy really do make a difference.

Play Learning Games.

You ask your child to find objects for you. Name body parts and have your toddler point to them (eyes, mouth, toes etc.). These games are fun ways for your baby to learn language and learn about things.

Encourage Your Toddlers First Experiences through Exploration

Obviously you don’t want your toddler exploring in the cleaning cabinet, but encourage exploration and discovery. Your toddlers first experiences could help them and you as they develop and discover life. As active as they are, toddler’s need to keep moving. It is part of developing coordination and strength. Just a note: of course child safety comes first. Never leave a toddler alone near waters even if it isn’t deep. Put gates up to block stairs and danger zones. Toddler proof electric plugs. Block cabinets with chemicals, medicines, guns or other dangerous items. Keep kitchen appliances and heaters out of reach. It is sometimes easy to overlook everyday sharp objects like knives and scissors and pens, but keep them locked up, away from toddlers. And don’t forget the car seat, properly installed.

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