develop your baby's brain

Games to Develop Your Baby’s Brain

If you knew how to give your baby an advantage in life, wouldn’t you use it? Of course you would. From the moment your baby is born every activity helps their brains develop. There are lots of games to develop your baby’s brain. When you touch, talk to and sing to your child, you are helping the neurons in his brain to connect and become pathways. Consider the amazing things their brains already know to do.

Amazing Things Your Baby’s Brain Already Knew How to Do

develop your baby's brain
Games develop your baby’s brain

A newborn baby can already recognize a parent’s voice. Watch, and you will see your child turn his or her head toward the sound of your voice. They respond to your touch, and calm at the sound of your heartbeat. Newborns can also focus on faces. (At least they can if the face is within twelve inches of their own face). Babies instinctually know how to suck and to grasp things placed in their hands. And while we’re covering this territory, how does a newborn baby know to cry as a way to communicate hunger, tiredness, upset tummy and other needs.

Imagine that by the time your little kiddo reaches 3 years old, their miraculous brain will have formed over a thousand trillion connections! Parts of the brain develop at different rates, but from birth to ten, the brain triples in size. The stimulation that babies and young children receive during this period is believed to decide which connections from in the brain. Life experiences determine which connections brains retain.

Defining Games That Develop Your Baby’s Brain

When we talk about playing games, know that it can be as simple as smiling at your baby. That’s because babies learn by imitating what we do. So smile that big grin and to help your cherub learn to smile too.

Know that fun-for-one game of dropping the spoon? Babies love to experiment. Dropping the spoon from their highchair teaches how the world works. You picking it up teaches them an new game.

On that note, lets talk about the back and forth game. Making silly faces or talking babble speak when you child babbles to you is an actual back and forth exchange. You respond as if you’re having a conversation and baby is learning the eye contact and general exchange communication behavior.

Where Did it Go?

Between four to seven months, babies begin to understand that objects still exist even if they can’t see them. Taking an object and moving it out of sight while asking where’s the ball, (or spoon or bear), starts the game that can help your child reach that milestone sooner.

Thank you!

How many times have you seen a baby hand a toy to his or her parent and gaze up expectantly. Be ready, because it is an important game. Play along with appropriate delight at the gift, and be sure to say thank you so much before handing back the toy, snack or other special shared item. You are teaching your child social and emotional intelligence. Your child will eventually lose interest, but as long as the game continues, they are learning.

Math and Music

The rhythm in music enhances mathematical skills later. So take a little time to dance with your babe in arms to familiar tunes. It can destress you and is one of the games

You may have heard the saying practice makes permanent, but it should say, repetition makes permanent. After all, the way the activity is performed now is teaching the brain how to repeat it in the future. That’s because once again, the brain is making more connections that determine baby’s future.

Words that Rhyme are Games to Develop Your Baby’s Brain

There are books that make reading to your child a word game. Silly children’s books with rhyming words like the Bug in the Jug Wants a Hug or the Cat in the Hat fascinate babies and help develop phonological awareness. We don’t normally speak in rhymes so reading rhyming books are more games to develop your baby’s brain.

Massage Feeding

Giving baby a little massage on their arms, legs, and back before showing them the nipple or bottle. Helps increase their alertness which helps with feeding. And of course, giving them Sammy’s Milk in the bottle helps give their brains the nutrition it needs for healthy development.

Every experience is a game to your baby, and there are lots of games to develop your baby’s brain. Most of them are pretty easy to add into your child’s, and your daily routine, so go ahead. Give your tiny tyke another advantage in the world. And have fun doing it.

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