For easier travel with baby get the stick

For Easier Travel With Baby – Get the Stick

Summer time is crazy time with everyone on the go, especially new parents. You want your baby to get natural ingredients and clean nutrition but don’t want to haul a suitcase everywhere you go. Go ahead and travel with baby; we’ve got you covered. Sammy’s Milk comes in single serving Stick Paks so you can get the stick and go. Each Stick Pak has exactly the formula needed to make up a 4 oz. serving. It’s in an easy tear package that requires no measuring. You really can go places and you can stay awhile.

It’s All In There

Get the stick for easier travel with baby

Sammy’s Milk Formula has natural ingredients and clean nutrition. It may be a smaller package but it still packs a punch. Sammy’s Milk doesn’t compromise on ingredients. We source free range goats for healthy goat milk that’s easy for little tummies to digest. We add tested and powdered Avocado Oil, and wild caught fish oil rich in Omega3.

Worried about methylation for your MTHFR baby?  Sammy’s Milk has methylated B vitamins that your munchkin can more easily absorb. The formula’s the same, it’s just packages in single servings to make life on the go a little easier without losing the quality nutrition your child thrives on.

Is Sammy’s Milk FDA Approved?

Sammy’s Milk is clean nutrition. Our production kitchen is FDA approved and our testing exceeds federal requirements. We offer the nutritional blend of natural ingredients for healthy munchkins.

Sammy’s Sticks Love to Travel With Baby Anywhere You Go

As small as these packages are and as easy to pack as they are, why not enjoy the vacation your whole family needs. Several Stick Paks easily fit in the pocket of your baby bag or your jeans. They slip into the carry on and just about anywhere you need to take them for a few hours or days. We’ve taken the scooping and measuring off your hands. One StickPak is a single serving that makes up 4 ounces. This summer travel with Baby can be smoother with the “Stick”.

Where would you go? Bring baby and the older kiddos to Nana and Papa? Just remember  the “stick”. Maybe you’re thinking about going to  the zoo? Just bring the “stick”. Whether the beach you seek is local or across the country, Sammy’s Stick Paks are easy to pack in a baby bag or your own purse. Add them to your carryall and have them handy even at the new playground in your local park. You can enjoy travel with baby a little more; just bring the “stick” ( Stick Pak, that is). Because StickPaks fit almost anywhere and are easy to make up when your child goes from cherubic to hangry.

We get it. You’re busy this time of year, many of you with more than one. We just want you to know we’ve portioned our formula to make your travel with baby a little more convenient and a lot more enjoyable. Each Stick Pak has the same clean nutrition formula as in your regular pouches. We’ve just packaged it in easy premeasured travel Packs. Stay safe out there and have a great time.

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