Favorite Toddler Costume for Halloween

I love Halloween.  Seeing creativity as parents turn their cherubs into tacos, detectives, bees, butterflies pumpkins and more is so fun.  Sometimes, when I am especially tired I think that throwing a froggy bath hoodie and green sweats makes a great toddler costume for Halloween.  It does, but there are so many creations that moms and dads put time and effort into that I thought if we shared them, it could give you ideas too.

The best toddler and infant costumes are the ones that are easy to wear, that don’t prevent normal movement.  That said, even dollar tree offers a wall of ears to add to a hoodie.  Grab matching sweats or for a girl, maybe leggings and a tutu and your toddler is transformed!

What follows are some of my personal favorite toddler costumes for Halloween. They include favorite foods, movie and children’s book characters and critters. 

Goat costume

#We Love Goats

Of course we have to start with a priceless little goat costume.  Home made but so well done it looks professional.  Just the right start for Sammy’s Milk Costume parade.

On top of Spaghetti Costume

On Top of Spaghetti

This adorable bowl of spaghetti was featured on Coolest-homemade-costumes.com.  Okay, I’m not really sure all that yarn would allow free movement, but it is sooo adorable!  It uses two new mopheads stitched or glued to a onesie.  Add pants for warmth and baby’s ready to go.  The cap is a baby cap with mop bits stitched to  it as well.   The meatballs are foam balls with yar wrapped around them, hot glued to the “spaghetti”  If you don’t want the yarn head, you could use a brown hat for a big meatball on top. 

Elmo’s Song

What’s easier than a red hoodie with pom-pom or Styrofoam eyeballs and nose?  This Elmo costume sure tickled us with the easy assembly and comfy soft fabrics.  Image from familyholiday.net

Wild Things

The first favorite is from the classic children’s book, Where the Wild Things Are.  The costume is cute, and is a no sew costume made by A Night Owl

Dinosaur Adventures

The next one just seems to be a favorite with little ones.  Since it’s easy to put together, why not grab some felt and googly eyes and put together a your little dinosaur?  Almost any color combination will work as song as you can add the contrasting triangles to the mix.

Your Own Oompa Loompa

And if you shared Willie Wonka or Charlie and the chocolate factory with your kids, Oompa Loompas  are fun and easy.  This is a ready to buy costume from Costume Works, but you could make your own.  Grab a pair of white pants, add white elastic for suspenders and stitch on big brown buttons from JoAnns, Michael’s, Hobby Lobby or Walmart.  Find a brown long sleeve T-shirt from Walmart, Amazon or Kohls and you’ve got your toddler covered.  Oops, the shoes – tie shoe poms from yarn onto brown shoes.  The white eyebrows and  a little green spray on the hair finish the look and your own Oompa Loompa is ready for treats.  The knit shirt will go right into the closet, if it wasn’t already there. 

You are only limited by your imagination…and time…and supplies…and Time!  Halloween is only 2 weeks away!  Seriously, we would love to see what you come up with for your little one’s favorite costumer for Halloween fun.  Send us a pic and or share on our Sammy’s Milk Facebook page

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