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Fall Toddler Activities Near Me

Need some outdoor fall toddler activities near me with your child? Though northern leaves are nearly off the trees, there is still time to enjoy the season before wintry weather moves in. Toddlers love to experience new things and, spoiler alert: almost everything is new to a toddler! So head out and rake up some fun.

“Leaf” The House and Head to The Yard

If you can find a child sized rake, let your toddler help rake up the leaves. IF not, take some time to play in the big pile of leaves with your toddler after you rake or blow them. Your child may even find a special leaf to add to their collection. When you go back in after playing in the leaf pile, help your child make a leaf rubbing from their special leaf find.

head outside with your toddler to enjoy fall fun
Head outside with your toddler for fall fun.

Leaf Rubbing

Make leaf rubbings by running crayons over leaves placed under drawing paper. The veins will look etched on your paper when you’re done. Remember to put the leaves vein-side-up for best results. Note: Unwrap the crayon from its paper and use the side of the crayon for better results.

Go to Your Nearest Pumpkin Patch

Here’s another likely result for searching out toddler activities near me. Head out to the pumpkin patch nearest you to find the best pumpkin or pumpkins to take home and decorate. For toddlers, decorations might need to include stickers, and washable markers. Skip the knife carvings.

Learn Some Autumn songs

Turn a regular song into Autumn theme or check out the “I Love Pumpkins” song for fall fun. It shares pumpkin information in a cute way. Play “The Owl Song”, acting out all the owly actions in the lyrics. It’s silly fun and your toddler will get a kick out of the rhyme and rhythm of the songs.

Don’t Forget the Fall Books

dont forget the fall books
Don’t forget the fall books

You don’t even have to leave your home for these toddler activities near me. Just go to your bookshelves to help your munchkin learn about the season with topical books. We checked out perpetual page turner with their plentiful list of wonderful fall books. We looked at others and thought we wanted to mention several toddler books here.

Fall Bright Baby Touch and Feel Book and Touch and Feel Fall are both full of autumn images, easy for tiny hands to hold and touchable objects on every page. This is a fun way to share seasonal fun with your toddler.

Duck & Goose Find a Pumpkin board book on Amazon follows both characters as they search for their fall pumpkin. Adorable characters explore an Autumnal colored environment in their quest for a pumpkin like their friend Thistle has. Great for toddlers, with just a few words per page before they help you turn the pages.

Biscuit visits the Pumpkin Patch is a fun way to prepare your child before you head to your local pumpkin patch to pick out pumpkins for your own home. The story is slightly old for your toddler. It’s fun and on topic, but has more words per page than most toddlers wait to hear.

We’re adding Lamaze Peek-a-Boo Forest Book to wonderful books. It isn’t really Autumn themed but it’s a soft fabric book so temptingly touchable, we wanted to share it.

There is plenty to do during Autumn, but it’s especially fun when you see it anew through your toddlers eyes. Happy Fall from Sammy’s Milk.

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