Easy Tips for Toddler Trips

The lure of the blue open sky, endless sunshine and fresh breeze calls to us, but the complicated planning required for trips with your toddler makes it tempting to skip the excursion altogether. Many parents consider packing to be the most daunting part of any trip, especially when toddlers and infants are involved. You have to go through your daily amenities and decide what is necessary and what isn’t. To make things a little less intimidating, we are sharing a few of our fav things for making your day at the beach or zoo with your little munchkin the best day ever. Keep reading for easy tips for toddler trips.

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Plan Ahead Of Time

Buy tickets online if you are planning to go to the zoo with your toddler, so you can skip lines when you get there or get a zoo membership if ‘old McDonalds’ is your animal-loving toddler’s favorite rhyme. If you are planning a beach trip, make sure to pack everything a day before, especially if you plan to leave early in the morning.  I sometimes keep a bag partially packed with extra wipes, clothes, etc. to make the preparation smoother.  The clothes need to be updated as your baby grows, but it will save time when you plan an adventure.

Bring Comfy Walking Shoes

Comfortable shoes for walking are a must have, for you and baby. They will make your day so much better. Save stubbed and sandy toes by making your sandal loving toddler wear sneakers.

Don’t Forget The Stroller

Warning: You may have to become the stroller if you don’t bring one with you! Hee-hee! Always keep a lightweight stroller in the trunk of your car.  Long walks can be tiring and little legs wear out easily. Plus, it is a great place to stash some extra stuff like water bottles, jackets, bags and backpacks.     

Dress For Success

During summer season, temperatures can be sweltering. If you are going some outdoors it might be hot and humid and if indoors it can be chilly. Be prepared with optional layers of the right clothing and take along sun hats. Don’t forget to pack extra clothes because kids may also spill things. Not being able to change into new clean dry clothes could derail a fun day.  Always keep extra diapers and wipes handy in case of emergency toilet situations.

Pack A Picnic

https://sammysmilk.com/ingredients/Trips bring out the hungry beasts in kids. Instead of spending time standing in line for snacks and lunch, pack a small picnic instead. Carry a cooler and fill it with Sammy’s Milk formula, juices, crackers, fresh fruits, dry fruits, easy peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, sun chips and pretzels.

Sunscreen And Extra Towels

If you are heading to the beach or the zoo in the summertime, you will be out in the sun most of the day. Make sure to lather yourself and your kids with sunscreen to keep away from harmful UVA and UVB rays.  Don’t forget to bring towels because they have more than one use. Even if your kids don’t intend to swim, towels can be used as picnic blankets or wraps.

Zip Lock Bags

Add a few plastic bags to make your trip with a toddler easy. They are very handy for stuffing any wet items like water toys, or wet towels and clothes.

Most importantly, taking out your children doesn’t have to be a stressful thing.  Being prepared beforehand takes the load off so you can enjoy a fun day too!

Article contributed by Subata, experienced mom and fashion advisor
Edited by Jo Gardner, content strategist

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