Why There’s Confusion About When Goat Milk is Safe for Babies

The qualifier about whether goat milk is safe for babies is whether you are using goat milk formula or plain goat milk. It is an important distinction that can’t be ignored. Plain goat milk does not have all the nutrients a baby needs. Unless it is in a formula mix, goat milk should not be used as the sole nutrition source for your child. On the other hand, goat milk formula has multiple nutrients to meet your child needs.  For many, goat milk formula is a better choice for your child than traditional cow milk formula.  And no formula is better than human breast milk if that is a possibility.

Healthy Ingredients Start with Free Range Goat Milk

As with any formula, it is not just the ingredients, but how they are harvested and processed.  Sammy’s Milk is careful about the sources, types and processing of its ingredients. Our goat milk comes from free range goats on certified farms. The processing that converts the milk into a mixable powder is done carefully.  Then it is tested extensively, to certify the powdered goat milk is safe to use in formula for your baby.

In the late 1980’s when goat milk formula was introduced, Americans were concerned over the suitability of goat milk protein for infants.  More recently, the Journal of Food Science noted that “there have been many studies of the composition and functional characteristics of goat milk and clinical trial data concerning the use of goat milk formula as a source of nutrition for infants and young children. When this new evidence was reviewed by European Food Safety Authority in 2012, it was concluded that goat milk was suitable as a source of protein for infant and follow-on formula (EFSA, 2012).“

The United States is now shifting away from cow based dairy products, but the rest of the world has preferred goat milk for centuries.  Now Americans are also waking up to the possibilities of another choice right in front of us. Goat Milk, when used in proper proportion to the other ingredients is a healthy choice for formula.

Dry Avocado Oil

Babies of all ages need fats for energy and brain development.  Goat milk in formula is an excellent source of fat. Avocado is another.  Avocado oil in Sammy’s Milk formula join forces with goat milk to promote improved skin while keeping it hydrated.  Sammy’s milk is careful about which dry avocado oil powder they buy.  It isn’t mixed with soybean oil, as some are.  It is NOT hydrogenated either.  Other natural ingredients help keep this powder stable in the Sammy’s Milk formula mix.  That way, when you receive your order, it is still the same clean nutritional ingredient as when we received it.

Fish Oil Powder

There is also fish oil in Sammy’s Milk.  It supplies enough Omega 3 DHA for children to develop and grow.  The good news is that the oil we use is from sustainably wild caught fish, and it supplements the nutritional value of goat milk and avocado oil.  There are more clean nutrients we use, and we have written about each of them in the past.  It is just another way that when part of a balanced formula, goat milk is safe for babies.

Used Properly in a Balanced Formula, Goat Milk is Safe for Babies

This article is about showing that Sammy’s Milk formula isn’t just goat milk.  We love goats and the value they bring to our nutritional mix. But our formula is about the right balance of ingredients that supplies the healthy clean nutrition your child needs. So when you are wondering whether goat milk is safe for babies, know that as part of a carefully prepared and tested formula, goat milk can be the perfect choice for your child.

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