Holidays visiting relatives and vacations as a family means traveling with your little ones. Trains allow for more space, tables, and walking around when your kid gets restless. Car rides allow for stops to break up the length of the trip. When traveling by plane, you are restricted to a much smaller space, for a longer period of time. As a solo passenger, you have probably dreaded having a child on your flight. But flying with a toddler doesn’t have to be a nightmare for anyone on board, yourself included. Here are some tips to ease traveling with a toddler.

Avoid layovers

Book non-stop flights whenever possible and try to schedule long stretches of time around your child’s nap. However, if you do have to take a connecting flight, don’t squander your air time peace, aka a nap, while in the airport. Use that time to let your child get the wiggles out and make noise.

“Airplane Police”

Be clever and warn your child of the “airplane police” that are on the lookout for misbehaving children!

Have an aisle seat

While using the window to see the world below them is a great distraction, having the aisle seat will come in handy for diaper changes or potty trips, and for when your toddler wants to get up and walk down the aisles for the millionth time. Also, usually if you select a window AND an isle seat, you could end up with the row to yourselves, since not many people want to sit alone in the middle.

Getting through security

Bring a light umbrella stroller with you in case the security line is really long, and to keep your child moving through the airport. It will also be easy to fold up and put on the conveyor belt. Slip-on shoes also make your life much easier for both you and your toddler. TSA normally restricts liquids to 3 oz, however they make exceptions for breastmilk and formula.

Ease ear pain

Lollipops, crunchy snacks or sippy-cups for takeoff and landing can help prevent pain from the air-pressure changes in the cabin.


Download kids’ games or apps

Prior to boarding, download kid-friendly apps on your smartphone or tablet, then switch it to airplane mode for takeoff. “Bubbles” has your child pop bubbles with their finger, offering endless fascination. Bring out the headphones for “Toddler Cars”, since it has animations of vehicles with sounds. Download kids movies ahead of time on iTunes and the simply rental fee can save you hours of having to entertain.

Traveling with your toddler is a way to encourage their adventurous spirit, and can help facilitate their curiosity for the world and other cultures. Don’t let the fear of the seemingly daunting task advert you from booking your next trip!