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valentine fun with toddlers

Valentine Fun With Toddlers

By Jo Gardner | Jan 31, 2022

As I write this, Valentine’s day is only two weeks away! Though even babies need time outside, the weather doesn’t always make that workable. I started thinking about indoor fun with to share with babies and toddlers instead. Here are some fun activities I thought would kick off your valentine fun with toddlers and baby…

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why methylated vitamins for toddlers

Why Methylated Vitamins for Toddlers?

By Jo Gardner | Jan 26, 2022

Why is Methylation Important? What is methylation and why does your baby need it?  It turns out that all of us need it.  Methylation is actually a process in the body that changes methyl groups into other chemical compounds.  These other compounds are critical to conduct most of the body’s functions.  Methylated vitamins are activated…

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How to Safely Prepare Formula

How to Safely Prepare Formula

By Jo Gardner | Jan 20, 2022

Are you measuring your baby’s formula accurately?  Safely prepare and store formula, keeping your baby healthy.

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Toddler Winter Fun

Toddler Winter Fun, Safety Tips

By Jo Gardner | Jan 7, 2022

If you live in a northern state, especially in the Midwest or northeast, winter is definitely here.  Brrrr!  So maybe you already have decided to just stay inside with your little one until daffodils pop through the snow, or maybe you’re waiting for memorial day.  If your child is warm and safe indoors, why go…

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New year resolutions with toddlers

New Year Resolutions With Toddlers

By Jo Gardner | Dec 28, 2021

The new year brings opportunities to show your toddler how to use the new year to be better versions of ourselves.

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goat milk facts you never knew

6 Goat Milk Facts You Never Knew

By Jo Gardner | Dec 21, 2021

1 of 6 Goat Milk Facts: Less Homogenization is Required Goat milk is a great ingredient in formula for tots with sensitive tummies.  But there are some little known goat milk facts, things you never knew that we’d like to share with you.  For instance, did you know goat’s milk doesn’t require as much homogenization…

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Creating special holiday spirit for toddlers

Creating Special Holiday Spirit for Toddlers

By Jo Gardner | Dec 17, 2021

Holiday Traditions That Boost Holiday Spirit Online videos and on television we see lots of sentimental images this time of year.  It is almost a June Cleaver (Leave it to Beaver TV series in 1957-63) kitchen where a cute dusting of flour tops little noses baking with Mom or Gram.  I don’t know about you,…

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right nutrition blend

Sammy’s Milk Right Nutrition Blend

By Jo Gardner | Dec 10, 2021

We love providing the right nutrition blend of natural ingredients in a goat milk based formula we can be proud of. 

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managing holiday stress

Managing Toddler’s Holiday Stress

By Jo Gardner | Nov 30, 2021

The holiday season can be a challenge for parents, especially managing holiday stress and their toddler’s emotional needs. FRIENDS National Resource Center offers support to parents by engaging with community organizations throughout the country. FRIENDS considers both blood relations and fictive kin as sources of support to help protect your children’s mental health.  Child Welfare…

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