Drinking goat milk has various health benefits. Goat milk is able to optimize digestion, improve nutrient uptake, reduce inflammation, strengthen bones, increase both immunity and metabolism and prevent toxins from accumulating in the body. During your child’s developmental and growing years, goat milk benefits the overall health of your toddler.

Strong Bones

All milk is rich in calcium, and goat milk is no exception. By adding goat milk to your child’s diet, their calcium deposits stay stable and rich. Goat milk also aids in fighting bone mineral density loss, which occurs with age.

Anti-Inflammatory & Digestion

Goat milk has a unique enzymatic makeup. Inflammation in your child’s stomach is soothed, which helps avoid bloating and an upset tummy.

Nutrition Uptake

Human breastmilk is similar to goat milk, which means that our bodies can get more nutrients from the goat milk as it passes through our system. This also causes less stress on your child’s digestive system and boosts heart health.

Metabolism & Immunity Boost

Selenium, a rare mineral found in goat milk, is a key ingredient in how our immune system functions efficiently. This helps protect our bodies from illness and infection. Goat milk is also nutrient-dense, meaning you don’t need very much to get the nutrients your body needs.

Growth & Development

An essential part of growth and development is getting protein, since proteins are the building blocks of tissue, bone, muscle and cells. Goat milk is protein-rich, and by having a steady stream of protein in the body, the metabolic processes are protect and growth is stimulated.

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