Transitioning from being a couple to parents can be one of the most trying changes your marriage will endure. Maintaining any relationship requires work and effort, and adding in baby blues, sleep deprivation, exhaustion, irritability and mood swings can make your relationship turbulent.

Parents’ Night Out

When you have a baby, your life now revolves around your child, requiring round-the-clock attention and care. Now, there is even less time to devote to your partnership that before. To help rekindle the fire, take advantage of “the village” and call the in-laws in as babysitters. Taking time away to be just the two of you will help ease the transition.

Tackle Tasks Together

It is also important to do things together WITH the baby. Co-sleeping is just one of the many ways to share the experience as a family. While feeding, spend that time cooing at your cutie, giving eye contact to both the baby and to your partner, demonstrating the bond between the two of you to your baby. You no longer get to enjoy downtime watching TV or reading magazines in bed like you used to. Its challenging to remember that even when you are emptying the diaper genie and wiping mashed string beans off the floor that you two are in this together.

The trials of your marriage stemming from introducing a baby into your relationship won’t last forever. Some days will be easier than others, and some will be exceedingly difficult. However, despite all of the bumps and challenges, you will find that you now have a deeper bond and connection with your partner. As you watch your significant other sing the baby to sleep, or catch them snoozing on the couch, you’ll find yourself falling in love all over again. If you both can survive the craziness of becoming a parent, together, then you can survive anything.