Everyone knows that new parents are severely sleep-deprived. With regular feedings, babies are up at all hours of the night, which is rough on the parents’ sleeping cycles. The amount of time babies sleep isn’t the only concern for new parents. Where your little one will sleep is a personal choice that is up to your family to decide what is best for them — co-sleeping or in another room?

Co-Sleeping: Bed-Sharing & Room-Sharing

Co-sleeping is split into two categories — bed-sharing and room-sharing. Bed-sharing is sleeping in the same bed close enough to the baby to be able to touch, smell or see each other. Room-sharing is when the baby sleeps in a bassinet attached to the bed or in a crib in the same bedroom. Room-sharing is on the safer side, however parents run the risk of disturbing the baby when using their room.

One of the pros of co-sleeping is that SIDS, sudden infant death syndrome, is less common as the baby’s sleep cycle syncs with the mother’s, lowering the risk. Co-sleeping can also make nighttime feedings easier and allows for more bonding time between babies and parents. However, bed-sharing is one of the top causes of death for infants under 3 months old. The risk of the baby being caught in the bedding, being rolled over or rolling off of the bed is increased.

Before beginning co-sleeping, be sure to take the necessary safety precautions listed here.


Crib-sleeping allows the family to have more space, both in the bedroom and in their relationship, as well as it eliminates the risks that come with bed-sharing. Nowadays, cribs are designed to be extremely safe, lowering the risk of suffocation and injury to the baby. However, some parents find difficulty in getting their baby to fall asleep in a crib. Babies like the safety and security of the warmth and smell of their parents. Some babies can become anxious when sleeping in the crib.

Your Family’s Choice is the Right Choice

Each family’s choice to either co-sleep or crib-sleep is entirely dependent on what suits both the parents and the baby the best. Parents might have to adjust their choice during the trial phrases of either sleeping arrangement. Ensuring both parents and babies get enough sleep is a tall task. Finding what works for your family may take time. As long as you follow safety guidelines, everyone and everything will work out just fine.