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Why There’s Confusion About When Goat Milk is Safe for Babies

By Jo Gardner | Jul 27, 2022

The qualifier about whether goat milk is safe for babies is whether you are using goat milk formula or plain goat milk. It is an important distinction that can’t be ignored. Plain goat milk does not have all the nutrients a baby needs. Unless it is in a formula mix, goat milk should not be…

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toddler regression

What Causes Toddler Regression

By Jo Gardner | Jul 21, 2022

Your toddler acts comfortable with Grandma and Grandpa.  Then suddenly he or she has a big meltdown when the grands arrive to take your toddler to the zoo.  Welcome to the insanity of toddler development.  Today, your munchkin just wants to sit on the living room floor and play with an empty box.  You thought…

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Why We Think Goat Milk Is Special

More of Why We Think Goat Milk Is Special

By Jo Gardner | Jul 15, 2022

Demand for Goat Milk is High We think goat milk is special.  That’s one of the reasons it’s part of the Sammy’s Milk formula ingredients. When our formula was being developed, the goal was to figure out how to get nutrition into Sammy.  Developer Erin Hendricks looked at goat milk’s characteristics closely.  Goat milk is…

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help your toddler welcome their new sibling

Help Your Toddler Welcome Their New Sibling

By Jo Gardner | Jun 30, 2022

Welcoming a new baby home is exciting, but toddlers may not be so thrilled. Whether the toddler at home will like the new addition is a common concern. How do you explain to your child there will be a new baby to take care of that everyone will need to help care for? Sammy’s mom…

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Sammy's Milk Ingredients

Sammy’s Milk Ingredients are Chosen Carefully

By Jo Gardner | Jun 21, 2022

Sammy’s Milk ingredients are carefully chosen for their nutritive contribution to a balanced nutritious formula.  Every so often we field a host of questions on our ingredients, so we’ll cover the nutrients and what each contributes to our formula in depth here. Free Range Whole Goat Milk  Powder You may have noticed we have a…

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homemade formula isn't the answer

Why Homemade Formula Isn’t the Answer For Most Babies

By Jo Gardner | Jun 6, 2022

Recently there have been reports on insider.com and other news sites, that desperate parents have tried making their own formula. That decision has created dangerous consequences for the babies ingesting it. An east Texas emergency room doctor reported babies are suffering life-threatening side effects from homemade formula attempts. What is happening and why? Infant and…

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New Package is protecting Formula Pricing and Environment

Update on Sammy’s Milk Formula Pricing and New Packaging

By Jo Gardner | May 31, 2022

You have been responding to our new formula pricing and package changes. We want you to know we are listening to you

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Sammy’s Milk Packaging is Changing – Not a Formula Shortage

By Jo Gardner | May 17, 2022

We’ve seen it on news stories across the country.  There is a baby formula shortage in the United States.  Experts have been warning us about supply chain issues for over a year, so some shortages were expected.  But I don’t think many of us expected a baby formula shortage. The good news is that Sammy’s…

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crazy toddlers are normal toddlers

Are Crazy Toddlers Normal Toddlers?

By Jo Gardner | May 9, 2022

If you have a toddler at home, you’re probably sleep deprived and just this side of crazy yourself.  But maybe it will help you survive the phase if you know crazy toddlers ARE normal toddlers. The best advice I ever heard about parenting toddlers, was “Just try to keep them alive.”  I laughed until I…

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