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Sammy’s Milk Packaging is Changing – Not a Formula Shortage

By Jo Gardner | May 17, 2022

We’ve seen it on news stories across the country.  There is a baby formula shortage in the United States.  Experts have been warning us about supply chain issues for over a year, so some shortages were expected.  But I don’t think many of us expected a baby formula shortage. The good news is that Sammy’s…

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crazy toddlers are normal toddlers

Are Crazy Toddlers Normal Toddlers?

By Jo Gardner | May 9, 2022

If you have a toddler at home, you’re probably sleep deprived and just this side of crazy yourself.  But maybe it will help you survive the phase if you know crazy toddlers ARE normal toddlers. The best advice I ever heard about parenting toddlers, was “Just try to keep them alive.”  I laughed until I…

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When goat milk formula is the solution

When Goat Milk Formula is the Solution

By Jo Gardner | Apr 28, 2022

Some Moms never need toddler formula.  Instead they switch their children immediately to regular milk and other foods.  But some children can’t tolerate regular milk or soy milk.  In fact, the number of babies suffering from digestive problems is incredible. When young toddlers are intolerant to milk, goat milk formula could be the solution. Symptoms…

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goat milk formual - a healthy choice

Goat Milk Formula – A Healthy Choice

By Jo Gardner | Apr 22, 2022

For those who can’t breast feed their child for whatever reason, goat milk formula is a healthy choice. Here’s why. Though breastfeeding is the best most natural choice, it isn’t always possible. In that situation, there are several formula choices available to choose from. Sammy’s Milk is made to deliver balanced, easy to digest nutrition,…

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Protecting Your Toddler's Health

Protecting Your Toddler’s Health

By Jo Gardner | Apr 19, 2022

Toddlers Get Sick Toddlers get sick. All of us do, but when it’s our child, we lose sleep worrying over just how serious their illness is.  There are lots of sources and opinions on when to take your toddler in for medical care.  Since your pediatrician is the best trained source familiar with your toddler’s…

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Why toddlers laugh

Why Toddlers Laugh

By Jo Gardner | Apr 11, 2022

Need a Good Laugh? So Does Your Toddler.  In general, toddlers and infants love to be silly, and they absolutely love to laugh.  According to Dr. Gina C Mireault, understanding “why toddlers laugh” provides insight into toddler thought process around the world.  Regardless of culture or language, children learn to laugh in the first four…

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Necrotizing Enterocolotis (NEC) in Preterm Babies

Necrotizing Enterocolotis (NEC) and The Cow Milk Formula Connection

By Jo Gardner | Mar 29, 2022

NEC Lawsuits are multiplying, targeting stricken parents of preterm babies whose intestines developed a dangerous bacterial condition called necrotizing enterocolitis. How can so many babies be saved by talented obstetrics teams, only to be lost to NEC? NEC rarely occurs.  It occurs in premature and in few cases, to full term babies with birth defects.…

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reading to your baby

5 Benefits of Reading to Your Baby

By Jo Gardner | Mar 23, 2022

March is Book Reading month, but what does that mean to you? We’ll cover five benefit of reading to your baby that may surprise and delight you. Last fall, we listed our favorite books, but now it’s reading month, and there are more books to read! Stories you are reading to your baby teaches them…

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baby formula tips

Baby Formula Tips

By Jo Gardner | Mar 16, 2022

We added other ingredients to goat milk for a healthy nutritional balance in Sammy’s Milk.

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