Baby Bag Packing Tips

Baby Bag and Carry-On Tips When You Travel With Baby

There are times you need to pack light and keep things easy to access.  Yet with a baby in tow it’s even harder to reduce the clutter. It takes intentional planning to travel light when you travel with baby but it’s worth making an extra effort with the baby bag and carry-on.  This is especially clear when you’re lugging less baggage on your vacation.  And if you are traveling by plane, it’s even more critical.

baby bag for traveling with baby

Come on, we’ve all experienced the scene, no matter which side of it we’ve been on at the time. You’re on an airplane ready for takeoff when suddenly that adorable little cherub has a meltdown with eons (maybe it was only minutes) of screaming.  As caregiver, you’d grab at anything in the one allotted bag to find anything to calm your screaming banshee. Traveling light doesn’t mean not having what you need in that bag.  It means packing so you can find what you need, at the moment you need it.

We get that you’ve been planning this trip forever and who knew your kiddo wouldn’t take to travel like you do? There’s already a lot to remember when packing for any trip.  It’s much worse when preparing for a trip that crosses state lines or oceans, so here’s a few sanity savers.

Tips #1: What to Keep in your Fanny Pack Baby Bag

Here’s a hint when traveling light: Your fanny pack baby bag doesn’t count as a carry-on.  It can hold a lot of your immediate items handy at all times. Use it to keep things like your phone, credit/debit cards, driver’s license or passport, wireless headphones or ear buds and keys for you.  For baby, keep Sammy’s Milk single serving Stick Paks, a bottle, spare nipple and bottle liners, pacifier, small pack of wipes, 2 diapers, diaper cream, small first aid kit and Tylenol or other medicines for both baby and for you. When you arrange it, think about what things you need most often and fastest.  Make sure you can get to those things.

Tip #2: What to Pack in Carry-on or Car-Floor Bag

Pack Fewer Items, but pack more intentionally. Decide what things to include that must stay within reach.  Whether you are limited by airplane rules or by the foot space in your vehicle, you will want a streamlined bag to have priority items available as back up to your fanny pack baby bag items. Your carry-on should have things for yourself and for baby.  For yourself, at least have an extra shirt, or change of clothes in event of spit-up, vomit, spills, leaky diapers etc.

Tip #3: Check-in or Cargo Area Bags to Pack for Yourself and For Baby

  • 2 bottles always accessible. 
  • Use the travel size formula packaging, like Sammy’s Milk Single Serving Stick Paks. These fit almost anywhere so it’s easy to keep them handy.
  • Blanket- for warmth and coverage when breastfeeding.
  • 2-4 diapers (of course you’re packing more.  This is just what to have handy at all times. You will need to replenish your baby bag when you stop or the plan lands.)
  • Ziplock Baggie for stinky/ soiled stuff.
  • Diaper wipes.  (Not a whole canister, but a smaller package for a few changes.)
  • Diaper Cream
  • Spare Onesie and change of clothes
  • Pacifier and backup pacifier
  • Best loved, engaging toy. 
  • Baby Carrier
  • Optional stroller like gb Pockit Stroller
  • Nail clippers
  • Sunscreen. – It doesn’t have to be a huge bottle.  You can usually pick up more of this item at your destination or nearby.
  • Optional: don’t forget sunglasses and wireless headphones for you for hands free listening. This is your trip too.

Instead of how much to pack, consider packing from a different perspective. Think in terms of interchangeable wrinkle resistant low maintenance items.  You don’t want to spend time on clothing instead of focusing on your destination.  So pack comfortable clothes that look nice without needing ironing, or matching.  Be sure to include a dirty clothes bag, and less clothing items.  Most destinations have laundry facilities so instead of lugging extra baggage, wash clothes as you need to.  In the end, it’s less hassle. If you still want a list of what to pack in that carry on, here are a few items:

  • Pajamas – for you and baby for duration of your stay.
  • A few separates with extra tops to cover half of your stay.  They can be washed between wearing. For baby, make sure there is at least a change per day and be ready to wash in between.
  • Travel size toiletries
  • Sunscreen
  • More diapers
  • Baby monitor
  • Seasonal items like 2 bathing suits for you and swim diapers and vest for baby. 
  • More Sammy’s Milk Single Serving Stick Paks – because they fit anywhere and are easy to mix up with bottled water for clean nutrition when you travel with baby.

Sure, you can pack more items.  Let’s face it, you daily use so much more. But as you travel, the less you pack, the less you have to haul from one destination to the next.  The exception to this is the stroller.  You will either be hauling your munchkin or the stroller, so that extra piece of equipment could be worth its weight in gold. Have a great vacation and don’t forget the baby bag.

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