valuable toddler time

7 Valuable Toddler Time Activities

Recently a  cousin’s post made me think about how parents struggle with the effort for toddler time activities.  Parenting is hard enough without more pressure, and parents of toddlers quickly learn to “pick your battles”.  Even though giving in seems like the right survival choice, making the effort for toddler time activities is worthwhile.4

valuable toddler time activities
Valuable Toddler Time Activities

1. Making Time to Read to your Toddler

Reading to your child is important.  Though you may not realize it, you’re showing them reading matters. That’s a good thing, because studies show reading is tied to everything from cognitive development to focus and more. As your child develops, it is critical to encourage them to “read” words along with you, as long as there aren’t too many words on the page. By making toddler time for reading, you are helping their minds develop well too.

toddler time activities outdoors
Toddler Time Activities Outdoors

2. Making Toddler Time for Outdoor Activities

Children learn quickly.  If you encourage them to play video games to keep them occupied, they opt out of socializing and want to stay in. So take them toddler out for outdoor time.  Encourage them as they explore their natural world.  All of us need sun, fresh air and exercise, but toddlers most of all.  They can’t drive themselves to the park.  They aren’t safe outside on their own, so it is up to parents to make toddler time outdoors.

3. Take Time to Help Your Toddler Perform Tasks

It seems every task takes longer when a toddler is helping, but it is important.  Making time for your child to contribute teaches them about family and about being part of the team.  Work, even simple chores, is a great teacher of life lessons.

4. Make Time for Family Meals Together

Early days when your baby is eating every couple of hours, Doesn’t make it easy to share family meals.  At around nine months, with snacks in between, toddlers can join the family for at least one meal with the family.  Meals together help join a family. Include your toddler in family meals now. It will only get tougher over time to get the family together. 

5. Turning Boredom into Quiet Time

Toddlers need some quiet time just like you do.  They don’t need entertainment 24/7.  But any a parent of a fussy bored child might disagree.  If you can hold strong, you will help them develop their imagination and patience. You also might cut yourself a break when they’re older and want more expensive entertainment options.

6. Giving is a Toddler Time Activity

Giving is an activity to share with your toddler.  Having your child give a toy to another toddler to play with is a great lesson.  Or at the zoo or park, have your munchkin let other toddlers go first.  It helps teach them the world doesn’t revolve around them.  Don’t expect this lesson to take immediately, but you can plant the seed.

7. Taking Time to Teach Spending Limitations

Learning to live within your limits is a great skill to develop.  Instead of just saying no when they reach for the colorful packaging, try saying we don’t have enough money for it. It takes longer to get through the store, and sometimes there just isn’t time for it, but make a once a week trip that includes this lesson.

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